Snow Honors the 2021 Technology Intelligence Award Winners

We're thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural Technology Intelligence Awards!

This year, we launched the inaugural Snow Technology Intelligence Awards to celebrate organizations around the world pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in software, SaaS, SAP and cloud management.

Following a year with so much uncertainty and unprecedented change, we’re proud to recognize our customers’ successful and innovative programs transforming their organizations through technology intelligence.

What is technology intelligence?

It starts with a fundamental understanding of how and why employees use specific technologies, along with a clear understanding of the resources an organization has across its ecosystem. With accurate and actionable data to make informed decisions, IT teams can use these insights to make strategic business decisions, propel innovation initiatives, build resilience, empower the workforce and more. At Snow, we believe that empowering IT and business leaders with this perspective enables them to understand both the granular impacts of technology and the high-level view of how it all fits together.

Our 2021 submissions

Among our submissions, customers shared interesting anecdotes and tangible impacts around how their SAM/ITAM, SaaS and cloud management programs were achieving success using Snow. They shared eye-opening results which included seven-figure savings, risk reduction, significant cost avoidance during software audits, and huge time savings. One customer even shared that they were able to decrease their audit preparation time from eight weeks to one hour!

Many of our submissions also showed customers that see significant benefits from automation and improving their employee’s ability to manage self-service requests.

We received so many incredible applications from organizations of all sizes and industries, and the honorees selected truly represent the best of the best. In fact, we had so many strong submissions that we added two additional categories to what we originally had intended – Innovation of the Year and Transformation of the Year.

Learn more about this year’s winners and honorees below:

Impact of the Year

Recognizing programs with the biggest impact on their organizations through technology intelligence. This category extends across all Snow products and solutions. We had so many tremendous applications from around the world, we awarded regional winners as well as an overall global winner.

Innovation of the Year

Recognizing organizations that did something technically innovative. Whether that was a new way to connect systems, a new way to leverage data or even helping Snow build new and better products.

Transformation of the Year

Recognizing organizational excellence and programs that raised the bar on best practices for collaboration and globalization of technology intelligence.

SAM Excellence

Celebrating organizations around the world that have leveraged Snow’s Software Asset Management (SAM) tools to drive immense value.

SAP Excellence

Recognizing organizations driving incredible savings and efficiencies with Snow Optimizer for SAP Software ®.

Cloud Excellence

Recognizing organizations that have achieved true technology intelligence with powerful insights into and automation of their cloud infrastructure with Snow Commander. 

Technology for Good

Recognizing organizations that have leveraged technology intelligence to do good things for the world.

Please give a big round of applause to all the winners of the inaugural Technology Intelligence Awards – what tremendous accomplishments!

Learn more about our customer’s success stories

At Snow, we are continuously impressed by the incredible things our customers accomplish. It was truly a competitive field across the board, with so many deserving submissions, and I can only hope that we see an equally amazing turnout next year.

In the coming months, you can expect to learn more about these customer success stories on our blog. And if you’d like us to feature your story in a future post, please contact

Learn more in the full press release and stay tuned to our Technology Intelligence Awards page for updates on the 2022 Awards.