Cloud Governance Secure your cloud without impacting speed

Having a clear view of resources and ownership is the foundation for good governance. Gain complete visibility of cloud workloads without impacting developer performance or production applications. Easily configure and enforce policies that will help you achieve your governance goals.

Govern multi-cloud environments without slowing users down.

Visibility across all
cloud environments

best practices

Help users
help themselves

Get full visibility and tagging of your assets

Set the foundation for all governance activity. Snow Commander uses agentless discovery to give you visibility of all resources across your multi-cloud environment. The platform also helps to efficiently tag resources so you can understand who owns each resource and what workloads are running on it.

82 % of organizations increased their cloud usage in 2020

Implement safe policies for critical infrastructure

Ensure that the right people have access to the cloud resources and data they need with automated enforcement of custom policies to control and govern your hybrid cloud environment, including:

  • Resource usage – Set limits for the type, size and amount of cloud resources used and set spending limits
  • Lifecycle management – Fully automate a lifecycle decommissioning process, easily targeting specific areas of cloud consumption
  • Access – Ensure users have quick access to the cloud resources they need with access control policies to outline which users can access which types of cloud resources.
A great advantage of Snow Commander is that we don’t have to give anybody access to vCenter. As a bank, we are audited heavily, and one of the questions the auditors ask is, ‘Who has access in the virtual center?’ We needed a solution that would allow the users to accomplish their tasks without granting them access. Now we have three administrators in vCenter and that’s it.
Dave Baumgartner, Infrastructure Manager, Great Western Bank