Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software Maximize your SAP investment

Visibility is crucial for organizations looking to drive positive business outcomes. Whether you are looking to maximize the return on investment from existing SAP assets, plan for your migration to S/4HANA, align your SAP resources to strategic organizational goals or take advantage of SAP incentives, Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software provides the information you need to make decisions based on factual data.

A single view of your SAP licensing landscape

Challenge Lack of visibility makes it hard to plan for the migration to S/4HANA.

  • Limited transparency of your SAP estate
  • Inability to identify future S/4HANA requirements and license types
  • Misalignment of SAP investment to organizational goals
  • Key resources assigned to manually intensive tasks
  • Need to free up budget for projects

Solution Full visibility and simulations ensure a maximum return on your SAP investment.

  • Full visibility of SAP environment
  • Compare current and future Bills of Materials
  • Maximize ROI from existing SAP assets
  • Maintain compliance throughout migration projects
  • Increase resource efficiency through automation and custom rulesets
With Snow Software supporting our asset management activities, we’ve successfully optimized our IT estate and streamlined many of our internal asset management processes. In turn, these actions enable our employees to dedicate more time to delivering excellent service.
Nico Fleisch, license Manager, EDEKA Digital