Cost Management Optimize technology spend

Decisions for technology spend purchasing are moving from centralized technology centers to business units and individuals, leaving IT leaders in an increasingly difficult situation. To understand and optimize all your assets, you need a holistic view of spending and insight into savings potential, regardless of who in your organization purchased the technology.  

Rein in rapidly increasing IT costs

Across datacenter, SaaS and hybrid cloud environments, technology expenses will continue to increase dramatically. Even in the most effectively run organizations, some percentage of that spend is wasted. When that happens, you’ll need more than complete technology usage visibility; you’ll need detailed insight into where waste resides and how to fix it. 

30 % Through 2023, in the absence of rightsizing discipline and in any given month, over 30% of the growing expenditure on software and cloud services will be unused. *Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Software Asset Management Managed Services, August 2022

Effective SaaS management

The steady, incremental shift to SaaS application usage sped up as more employees started working remotely. While this change has enabled organizations to continue providing services and products, it’s also worsened SaaS usage visibility. With Snow, you can easily discover, manage and optimize SaaS applications to reduce unnecessary costs.

Reduce wasted spend

Finding waste is the first step, but true remediation requires additional analysis and insight. Snow helps organizations identify savings from unused accounts, duplicate users and unnecessary premium subscriptions. Then, armed with usage details by application category, you can identify applications that should be integrated, adopted or retired.

By using Snow, we have generated 10-15% savings on our Microsoft estate alone this year.
Graham Eland, Director of IT Systems & Strategy, Leeds City College