Audit Defense Always be audit ready

The thought of enduring a software license audit is enough to keep even experienced IT leaders up at night. Snow provides complete and accurate visibility into all the technology used in your organization, including cost data, software license entitlements and agreements. With this single source of truth, Snow can determine your effective license position by title and vendor, protecting you from unexpected costs and disruptions.

Get the perspective you need to face any audit with confidence.

Reduce audit
prep time


Improve your

Build a winning audit defense

Prepare for audits with a full view of all your technology assets, entitlements and agreements. Snow can determine your effective license position for every software title and vendor, across client and datacenter devices, SaaS titles and mobile devices. You’ll know exactly where you stand at all times, and you’ll be fully prepared for any audit.

78 % of IT leaders said audit preparation is growing increasingly complex and time-consuming. 

Keep technology assets compliant

Snow automatically calculates the compliance position for all of your software, including complex data center titles which may be virtual or physical and rely upon processor-based or processor-core-based metrics for licensing. Using Snow, you can even track license entitlements against usage in public cloud platforms, which can help you reduce your audit risk.

The bill after our first audit having implemented Snow was driven down from over half a million dollars to zero.
Stuart Hudson, Software Asset Manager, SunChemical