Snow Spend Optimizer Uncover more value with usage insights

Snow Spend Optimizer delivers the fastest way to identify waste and risk from over-subscribed, unused licenses, premium tiers and redundant applications.

Spend Optimizer Benefits

How it Works

Step 1

Discover IT assets by integrating with existing IT tools. Fill in the gaps with additional discovery methods from Snow to meter software usage.

Step 2

To marry spend and license usage, import contract and entitlement data into your single source of truth.

Step 3

View out-of-the-box reports and optimization insights to quickly detect software savings, determine your ELP and identify technology risk.

The fees resulting from the software audit were a wake-up call across businesses of Panasonic in Europe. Over time, we had collected a sprawling mix of server, client, on-premises and cloud subscription software, running on thousands of systems, and our rather manual software asset management processes were not keeping pace.
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Is Spend Optimizer a SaaS product? Spend Optimizer: Exploring the Benefits of this SaaS Solution

Yes. Spend Optimizer is available on our SaaS platform,Snow Atlas. You can also purchase Spend Optimizer to be installed on-premises and it is also sold as a managed service from one of our global partners. There are features available in Spend Optimizer on Snow Atlas (container visibility, cloud license management, etc.) that are not available on-premises.

Connect with our team to discuss which deployment option is right for you.

How quickly can Spend Optimizer be implemented?

One reason why customers choose Snow is our quick time to value. With our SaaS platform, our 25+ years of experience helping customers mature along their ITAM journey, and our Value Realization services, we are able to help customers get to their first outcome in 30 days.

Learn more about why customers choose Snow here.

What technologies does Spend Optimizer support?

Spend Optimizer supports end user devices on most operating systems, mobile devices, servers, Kubernetes containers and over 700,000 on-premises and SaaS applications, including Oracle Java. Take a look at our integrations here.

What is the typical return on investment for Spend Optimizer?

Return on investment is greatest for organizations that use Snow for multiple use cases (audit defense, renewal negotiations, application rationalization, etc.). A study by Forrester found ROI of >400%. With usage metering insights, Snow is able to help organizations find more savings than other solutions.

View our case studies to learn about additional business benefits.

Can the data captured in Spend Optimizer integrate with our ITSM Platform?

Yes, Snow provides native integration with common ITSM platforms including BMC and ServiceNow through our connectors available in ITSM Enhancer. For less common ITSM platforms, data can be shared via API.