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Optimize software across your entire organization

Unless you know the status of your software and cloud services, you could be wasting money or risking a nasty audit surprise. So, how do you ensure compliance and security for software you can’t see? With effective software asset management, you can see your entire technology ecosystem, streamline and simplify licenses, find opportunities for savings and reduce risk.

Software Asset Management

Understand technology usage, drive out waste and defend against audits.

Gain complete visibility

Gain complete

Reduce audit and compliance risks

Reduce audit
and compliance risks

Optimize technology costs

technology costs

See all your assets in one place

With an increasing percentage of technology spend controlled by business units, IT and SAM leaders need the ability to see across on-premises, mobile, datacenter, and cloud, to create a single source of truth for IT assets. Snow Adoption Tracker empowers you to manage the cost, usage and risk associated with your IT assets, accurately discovering and identifying all hardware and installed software across the IT estate, regardless of platform or location.

 Solutions - Software Asset Management

Be audit ready, all the time

Snow can help you prepare for audits with a full view of all your technology assets, entitlements and agreements and an effective license position for every software title and vendor. With visibility over even complex data center titles both virtual and physical, and the capability to track license agreements against usage in public cloud platforms, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Be audit ready, all the time

of spend on software and cloud services is wasted. 

Manage and optimize software licenses

Are your software licenses earning their keep? Or are too many sitting idle, rolling from one renewal to the next, wasting money? Effective software license optimization starts with full discovery, so unused software can be reclaimed and redeployed. With Snow Spend Optimizer, you have the power to make every asset pay its way and generate huge cost savings.

Plan ahead for renewals and contract negotiations

For many organizations, software license renewals are often a fire drill, with little time for preparation and a lot of scrambling to gather data. SAM, IT and procurement leaders often resort to renewing the same quantity of licenses or subscriptions as the previous period. Using Snow, you see detailed usage information so you spend less time chasing data and more time thinking about optimization and cost savings, putting you in a position of strength in renewal negotiations.

Renewals and contract negotiations

"When you install Snow, you have a lights on moment and all of the sudden you see everything and it's scary. Exciting and scary as well, but it gives you that visibility. You can actually see what you have on your estate, who's got it, how they're using it and when they're using it, and it makes a massive difference​."

Paul Logan, Service Transition Manager, William Hill
William Hill Quote
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