How to Advocate for Your Data

All organizations don’t treat their IT asset data with the same level of enthusiasm. This tends to correlate with the maturity of the IT asset management (ITAM) team.

Mature organizations are excited about the multitude of ways they can help their organizations with the intelligence they have on their technology assets. Here are a few examples:

Less mature organizations understand the potential value of their IT asset database but find getting other departments to leverage their data repository is like pulling teeth.

The least mature organizations are typically using an ITAM tool for one use case. These organizations don’t have a good owner of the tool (it’s often someone’s part-time job) and resulting data. The potential for using this data set never sees the light of day.

“Data and analytics leaders who share data externally generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do not.”

data sharing is a key digital transformation capability by Gartner®

6 ways to advocate for your data

So, how should less mature organizations advocate for their data? Here are a few tips: