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Ease the challenge of hybrid cloud management

Snow Commander is a powerful hybrid cloud management tool that leverages automation to deliver business agility, oversight and efficiency. This tool enables IT to eliminate cumbersome, manual approval processes and provide end users with a quick, self-service way to access both public and private clouds that won’t slow down the most agile development teams.

Snow Commander

Increase agility and efficiency with streamlined hybrid cloud management.


Managing hybrid cloud infrastructure is complex and time consuming. 

  • Provisioning new resources takes weeks or even months
  • Inefficient IT and business processes
  • Lack of visibility into cloud spend and usage
  • Overspending on unused cloud resources


Minimize the complexity of manual hybrid cloud management.

  • Easy to use and delivers value on day one
  • Decreased provisioning times 
  • Unlock single-pane-of-glass visibility of your hybrid cloud environment
  • Optimized spend and usage

How It Works

Snow Commander uses automation to provide end users with quick and easy access to both public and private cloud resources. The comprehensive self-service portal provides IT with the visibility needed to effectively govern resource usage, while self-service provisioning automation capabilities ensures that the most agile development teams don’t miss a beat. A feature-rich workload engine enables change orchestration with cost analytics, governance policy and automation. It also boasts extensible functionality to empower process transformation across the broader organization.


Provision resources over 100x faster.

Fully automated cloud service delivery

Eliminate the manual processes that slow you down. With Snow Software, your team can work smarter and faster to deliver the infrastructure, applications and services that power your business. Complete time-consuming requests in minutes — not days — to reduce friction and accelerate innovation.

Pain-free implementation and smooth integration

Snow Commander can be implemented with little to no additional burden on your existing IT team, and without the need for professional services engagements or steep learning curves. The easy-to-use configuration wizard allows for simple customizations and set up, provides immediate value and even integrates with your existing tech.


One comprehensive view across your hybrid cloud environment

Snow Commander uses agentless discovery to give you visibility into all resources across your hybrid cloud environment, including cloud platforms, applications and even usage by business units. This new perspective enables you to reduce costs and maximize performance by allocating the correct resources for each workload across your organization. The platform also helps to efficiently tag resources so you can understand who owns each resource and what workloads are running on it.

Snow Commander

A Broad Ecosystem of Integrations

Bring all of your best-in-class tools together in one platform that provides seamless integration for a wide array of tools. Learn how Snow Commander integrates with the technologies that matter most to your business.

“Having fewer manual intervention steps to deploy and decommission virtual machines, along with the simplicity of the interface itself, is what makes Snow Commander stand out from the competition. And when we do need to contact support, we get a reply in a very short amount of time telling us what our expectations are for that case. I’m super-impressed with the support we get.”

Niggie Anwar, Senior Storage and Virtualization Specialist, University of Birmingham
Niggie Anwar, Senior Storage and Virtualization Specialist, University of Birmingham
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Snow Commander: Seamless Self-Service IT
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Hybrid Cloud Made Easy

Try Snow Commander free for seven days and see for yourself.