Snow SaaS Management Discover, optimize and govern your SaaS environment

Get detailed visibility into SaaS usage and then use these insights to eliminate waste, effectively negotiate renewals, reduce SaaS vendor sprawl and redundant applications and identify applications that may bring risk to your organization. The Snow SaaS Management platform gives SAM professionals visibility into sanctioned, unsanctioned, free and licensed SaaS applications alongside on-premises applications and infrastructure — all in one solution.

Optimize your SaaS investments and minimize risk with actionable insights.

Challenge Get back control over SaaS sprawl to mitigate risk, control costs and remove complexity.

  • No visibility to SaaS license usage and redundant applications
  • Unaware of free and unsanctioned applications
  • No time to manage vendors and right size subscriptions

Solution Optimize SaaS spend and reduce risk from Shadow IT.

  • Discover usage for sanctioned, unsanctioned, free and licensed SaaS applications
  • Leverage actionable insights to right size subscriptions
  • Report on redundant applications in use
Snow software gives us the core understanding of what we have and how we use it, helps us to invest in the flexibility and mobility of our workforce, and ultimately deliver better services at lower cost to Christchurch.
Colin Lawrence, Team Leader, IT Asset Management, Christchurch City Council