Snow Software Packages Empowered with the best Technology Intelligence

Bringing together SaaS management, software asset management and cloud cost management, you can optimize IT spend, rein in cost, mitigate risk. Choose a package that fits your specific objectives and drive value from all your technology.

POPULAR SNOW ATLAS BUNDLESSAAS Excellenceitam eXCELLENCEComplete Technology Intelligence with FinOps
Outcomes:Get up and running quickly with complete visibility of SaaS usage to optimize, secure, govern your SaaS environments.Complete asset visibility across your IT landscape to drive compliance, cost optimization, and risk mitigation. Platform level integration with ITSM solutions for a clean and normalized CMDB.Leverage SaaS-ITAM excellence and FinOps Pro with cloud cost insight to unify siloed functions. Achieve optimization, automation, risk mitigation, and cost allocation in a single cloud-native platform, supporting advanced ITAM and FinOps maturity.
Business Value:Shadow IT visibility
Detailed SaaS usage visibility
Cost optimization
Application rationalization
SaaS application risk mitigation
Everything in SaaS Excellence, plus:
Complete hybrid asset visibility
Compliance readiness
License optimization
Effective renewal negotiation
Clean CMDB
Everything in ITAM Excellence, plus FinOps:
Cloud services visibility
Cloud savings recommendations
Cost allocation
Forecast & anomaly detection
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PlatformDetailed capabilitiesSAAS Excellenceitam eXCELLENCEComplete Technology Intelligence with FinOps
Aggregating user and device data for all assets on active directory and connected to the network.CheckedCheckedChecked
Software recognition and normalizationSnow’s Data Intelligence Service is the most comprehensive library with over 700K applications and 1M SKUs that decodes software titles and augments with metadata. Automatically normalize data from multiple sources. Append data with SKU, version, EOL/EOS. Automatically map application to device to user.CheckedCheckedChecked
Granular software visibilityQuickly see the breadth of software usage across all on-premises and cloud environments.CheckedCheckedChecked
ReportingBusiness managers can dig deep with out-of-the-box reporting that spans all areas of software utilization. CheckedCheckedChecked
IT procurementLeverage insights for effective budget planning, governance, cost optimization, and contract management to get the most value out of your vendors.CheckedCheckedChecked
SecuritySOC2 Type I compliance, adhering to internal controls relevant to protecting sensitive data and its systems. GDPR-compliant and ISO/IEC 27001 Certification with data encryption protection backed by the security of Microsoft Azure.CheckedCheckedChecked
Software audit preparationFor both internal and vendor audits, Snow provides comprehensive IT software information.CheckedChecked
Exceptional global supportTelephone and web-based 24×5 customer support for Americas, EMEA, and APAC.CheckedCheckedChecked
Snow saas ManagementDetailed capabilitiesSAAS Excellenceitam eXCELLENCEComplete Technology Intelligence with FinOps
Comprehensive discovery with verified usage Utilize APIs, agents, financial records, SSO, and browser extensions.CheckedCheckedChecked
Advanced optimization frameworkUnderstand individual usage activity with Okta and others.CheckedCheckedChecked
Shadow SaaS detectionDiscover free, trial, and unsanctioned SaaS applications to ensure data protection and regulatory compliance.CheckedCheckedChecked
SSO login dataUnderstand invdividual usage activity with Okta and others.CheckedCheckedChecked
Detailed usage dataSee hours and minutes spent in each application.CheckedCheckedChecked
User-centric viewSee each employee’s application usage to enable onboarding and offboarding.CheckedCheckedChecked
Out-of-the-box API connectorsIncluding Salesforce, Dropbox, Google and more.CheckedCheckedChecked
Enterprise SaaS optimizationPremium tiers downgrade path for hybrid applications such as Microsoft® 365.CheckedChecked

SNow Software Asset ManagementDetailed CapabilitiesSAAS Excellenceitam eXCELLENCEComplete Technology Intelligence with FinOps
Industry’s #1 SAM tool as recognized by analysts and usersSingle pane of glass as the source of truth for software use and costs.CheckedChecked
End-user computing and datacenterSoftware usage across Windows, Mac, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, VMWare, Citrix, and more.CheckedChecked
Vendor complianceEffective license position (ELP) spend reports.CheckedChecked
Oracle-verified solutionManage complex licenses including Java installs and control spend.CheckedChecked
IBM license managementIdentify PVU-based products and leverage sub-capacity pricing.CheckedChecked
DashboardsVisualization tailored to SAM stakeholders.CheckedChecked
Container managementVisibility and optimization of container licenses.CheckedChecked
Hybrid cloud license managementBring on-premises license to the cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP).CheckedChecked
Snow ITSM EnhancerDetailed CapabilitiesSAAS Excellenceitam eXCELLENCEComplete Technology Intelligence with FinOps
Certified Service Desk integrationIncluding ServiceNow, BMC, TopDesk.CheckedChecked
Clean CMDB with the latest informationAuto-populate and clean the CMDB with the largest database of normalized software titles.CheckedChecked
ProductsDetailsSAAS Excellenceitam eXCELLENCEComplete Technology Intelligence with FinOps
Snow Cloud CostFinOps-certified platform to monitor and optimize public cloud consumption.Add-onAdd-onChecked
Snow Optimizer for SAP® SoftwareManage compliance and control costs through an integrated view of your SAP® licensing landscape.Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Snow Risk MonitorOverlay the NIST database to see vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation actions across software applications.Add-onAdd-on
Snow Productivity OptimizerAutomate license provisioning.Add-onAdd-on
Snow For EngineeringSoftware asset management capabilities for specialized engineering applications.Add-onAdd-on
Thanks to the Snow Software suite, we provide the business with a highly reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective SAM service. Based on the Snow solutions, the team has become a key enabler for the organization, establishing a trusted SAM capability. We deliver a single source of truth for software license information, reducing the risk of non-compliance and optimizing licensing within Sasol.
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How much does each package cost?

Contact your account manager to tailor pricing based on your organizational requirements. 

How do I know which package is right for me?

Our most common packages are structured based on how organizations typically phase out their projects for the fastest time-to-value. With SaaS management you can quickly get up and running, see license utilization and immediately right size to save on licensing costs. In parallel, you can start planning for SAM optimization that could lead to upcoming vendor renewal contracts and negotiate more effectively. After getting the fundamentals to software asset management, you can proceed with Snow’s capabilities around security, automation, and cloud use cases.

Do you offer free trials?

The majority of Snow’s products can be trialed. Please consult with your account manager to get you going.

Can I switch to a different package?

Yes. Based on your organizational needs you can upgrade or downgrade to different packages.

Have more questions?

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