Risk Mitigation Proactively reduce critical risks

Organizations face an ever-increasing array of risks. From internal audits to vendor license audits to security vulnerabilities, your IT team needs to identify and remediate risks across a wide range of areas. Solutions that automate data gathering and move beyond presenting data to providing insight are the key to addressing these challenges. 

Address vendor audits from a position of strength

Software vendor audits represent disruption, pressure and unbudgeted cost for organizations. They demand a significant amount of effort since you need to gather information on usage, entitlement mapping and more. Snow Software can determine your effective license position for every software title and vendor, so you’ll know exactly where you stand and be prepared.

50 % of organizations have reported an increase in vendor audit activity since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  *The ITAM Review

Identify and prioritize software vulnerabilities

Find all known vulnerabilities by identifying which vulnerable applications are in use and where they reside, as well as the attack vectors. Snow helps you protect your organization by giving you the best starting point to see your risks. Once these risks are identified, Snow can provide you with robust, contextual data around those risks, so you can prioritize which to address first.

Manage internal audits

A massive expansion of data privacy and security regulations has significantly increased the burden on IT teams to provide accurate views of technology consumption. With an automated solution, asset managers can easily identify end user computing, datacenter, SaaS and hybrid cloud usage across the estates. With less manual effort, your IT team can save time and dedicate resources elsewhere.

The bill after our first audit having implemented Snow was driven down from over half a million dollars to zero.
Stuart Hudson, Software Asset Manager, SunChemical