VMware Get more from your VMware investment

Gain complete visibility of all VMware resources and understand costs from a business unit level down to individual team members. With Snow, you can monitor all virtual machines (VMs) and get clear recommendations on how to eliminate waste and optimize your environment.

It’s never been easier to eliminate VM waste and optimize your hybrid environment.

VM resources

Complete inventory
and granular reporting

resource budgets

Reclaim resources

Reclaiming resources can free up years of data center budget or reduce the cost of cloud migration. Snow Commander provides clear recommendations to help you downsize and automate the decommissioning of resources at the end of their lifecycle.

15 % of on-premises virtual machine resources are wasted.

Reduce consumption with budgets and alerts

Unlock full control over your infrastructure budget all in one platform. Use Snow Commander’s user portal to show budgets and spend to infrastructure stakeholders. Admins can also set spend alerts to be notified of unexpected budget issues as they arise. 

I don’t have to have one person solely responsible for creating VMs anymore. I put that back on the developers. I have them request that resource, and it’s automatically deployed when they request it. What took five people in different teams up to three days can now be achieved in under 10 minutes using Commander.
Rael Mussell, VP of IT Support, Credit Acceptance