Maximizing Oracle Investments With the Latest Insights and Offerings

Investments into Oracle can be a serious line item for most organizations’ budgets, and in turn, require an equal effort to ensure full value is being realized with the right oversight. Even with the right tools in place, Oracle licensing can be difficult to navigate, with the number of products and amount of data available. This past year, we have released a number of new offerings, improvements and updates for Oracle solutions, to ensure our customers can maximize their Oracle investments.

In August, Oracle Verified Solution for Databases was released for SAM on Snow Atlas, a new feature allowing organizations to generate output files in .zip format which contain information about existing hardware, Oracle Databases, Database Options and management packs software and the virtualization technology if present. The .zip file is created based on Oracle-defined specifications and can be generated using Snow tools instead of using Oracle collection tools.

In addition to the Databases solution, several enhancements were made to the “All Java installations” report, with additional columns for Architecture, Installation Status, Home Path and Reason messaging added. A new column selector with several new columns has also been implemented.

The Oracle Verified Solution for Fusion Middleware was released on Snow Atlas in September, extending Oracle Verified Data functionality with Fusion Middleware Products data. This allows users to generate output files regarding existing WebLogic Server, visibility for Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Forms and Reports, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle Web Center and Oracle Internet Application Server Installations.

SAM on Snow Atlas also gained visibility for five additional Oracle Fusion Middleware products in September, with visibility into Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Forms and Reports, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle Web Center and Oracle Internet Application Server.

In October, the Oracle Verified Solution for Java SE was also made available on SAM on Snow Atlas, extending Oracle Verified Data functionality with Oracle Java/OpenJDK data. This update also allows for a single output file to include one row per server of all Oracle verified data products (Oracle Databases, Fusion Middleware and Java SE).

These improvements sit on top of the Oracle Global Licensing and Advisory Services (GLAS) Verification of Snow as a verified third-party tool for Oracle Fusion Middleware in January and Oracle Java SE in May, and Oracle Database and Database Options in 2022. This verified code from Snow’s on-premises offering was then added to Snow Atlas, ensuring all Snow customers can access trusted, verified data on their Oracle estate, no matter what Snow offering they rely on.

By adding these verifications to the suite of offerings available on Snow Atlas, customers can have confidence in both the verification of the data as well as the timeliness, as Snow Atlas continuously updates. As more innovations are made available on Snow Atlas, so too will the Oracle portfolio of verified products grow to ensure customers can gain all the data they need directly from their Snow products.