IT Visibility You can’t manage what you can’t see

To effectively manage your IT estate, you must know and understand the technology running in it. With Snow Software, you can gain a full, accurate picture of your IT estate in order to decrease risk, ease manageability challenges and power informed decision making.

Eliminate blind spots with comprehensive discovery & inventory 

Gain complete visibility across your hybrid IT environment to help you optimize costs and reduce risk. Identify both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications as well as free and custom applications that don’t show up in financial systems or credit card statements. 

35 % of ransomware attacks came from SaaS applications.

Discover SaaS applications and usage 

As SaaS adoption accelerates, it’s critical to have detailed insight into application usage, regardless of who procured the subscriptions and how. Snow enables you to track free and custom SaaS applications, even those without a financial systems trail. For hybrid applications such as Office 365, Snow can offer you a complete view by combining SaaS visibility and on-prem usage.

Single pane of glass visibility across your hybrid cloud

See all resources across your hybrid cloud environment, including cloud platforms, applications and even usage by business units. This new perspective can help you reduce costs and maximize performance by allocating the correct resources for each workload across your organization. Plus, efficiently tag resources so you can understand who owns each resource and what workloads are running on it.

Simplify offering managed cloud services
We could be unaware of software that wasn’t purchased through our IT department. Snow gives us the necessary insight into what is out there. Without Snow that would be hidden from us.
Jeff Walters, Director of IT Support Services, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment