Cloud Cost Optimization Manage your multicloud spend

When fast-moving, agile organizations tap into public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, operations can easily grow out of control, leading to significant overspend and waste. Gain complete visibility and management over multicloud spend in real time with Snow Software.

Easily monitor and manage your
public cloud costs.

Inform teams with a holistic view
of cloud spend

Optimize usage against savings recommendations

Quickly act on unanticipated
cloud spikes

See the big picture with a single platform

With an easy-to-use UI, Snow Cloud Cost powered by Anodot simplifies cost management, providing you with personalized visibility across cloud platforms, applications and business units. As a FinOps practitioner or cloud cost manager, you can properly allocate costs based on business purpose and the respective cloud consumption. 

Use real-time insights to act quickly

Using Snow Cloud Cost, you get an accurate picture of your public cloud and container costs with a guided path to savings actions. Your cloud operations and finance teams can more effectively forecast cloud usage and quickly react to anomalous cloud cost spikes. 

Only pay for the cloud you use 

Pay for the cloud capacity you need — and not a dollar more. Snow Cloud Cost management helps you realize savings with: 

  • 60 cost savings recommendations and a guided path to execute
  • Right-sized services, instances and storage based on your cloud workloads
  • Cost-saving insights that provide discounted billing based on usage
20 % average savings with cloud cost optimization