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an Effective Cybersecurity Program
The 3 Essential Building Blocks of an Effective Cybersecurity Program
CIO Al Pooley looks at how organisations can create or strengthen their cybersecurity foundations
new risk monitor
Introducing the New Risk Monitor for Security and Compliance
Product Marketing Manager Rachel Loewenherz introduces the latest enhancements for Risk Monitor
brexit images
What does Brexit mean for technology assets?
Victoria Barber looks at the current state of Brexit and how businesses can take steps to prepare despite the uncertain nature of Brexit
Shake up at SAP
Shake Up at the Top: Why SAP’s Bill McDermott is Vacating the Position on Time
On October 10, SAP announced that Bill McDermott was stepping down as CEO of SAP. This caught virtually everyone in the SAP community by surprise, and the explanations for his sudden departure naturally caused conjecture as to the real reason for the decision.
digital access
What You Need to Know About SAP's Digital Access Model
SAP offers attractive financial incentives for customers to switch to the digital access model but how can you be sure you get the best deal?
Band TV
Brazil’s Band TV Gets the Story on Their IT Estate
Bandeirantes TV, or Band, gains the insight needed to accurately and quickly understand software usage across their entire organization with Snow.