What’s New at Snow Software: December 2023

This month’s update on new and enhanced product portfolio capabilities includes innovations in the areas of: 

Innovation area: Enterprise-wide asset visibility, insights and risk mitigation

ITAM for end-user computing 

Do more with Snow Agents with a new package builder feature 

Get more from your Snow Agents and add files and scripts using this new capability in the Snow Agent Package Builder. This feature is available in Snow Atlas and is in early access for on-premises Snow License Manager customers. 

Additionally, the Snow Agents team has improved agent documentation including agent default behavior and a change log. The new documentation repository for agents can be found on GitHub. 

SAM on Snow Atlas: Bulk archive and delete of computers 

We’ve improved the customer workflow and made it easier to manage your computers in SAM on Snow Atlas with the ability to archive and delete computers in bulk. 

We heard from users that the process for archiving and deleting computers was tedious and time-consuming, requiring users to select and edit computers one-by-one. 

With this new release, users can save time and improve productivity with the ability to edit computers in larger quantities. 

SaaS Management 

Within SaaS Management on Snow Atlas, we’ve organized the homepage to make it easier for users to know what to do to get more value from their Snow solution. The page is structured with a status page and recommendations, details on how to get started, and an overview of what is new. 

We’ll be continually enhancing the user experience, so check back here for future updates! 

New product family view for Microsoft 365 

SaaS Management on Snow Atlas is one of the first to allow users to filter by product families and related products within the family of applications and subscriptions.    

Customers can now see a holistic view of not only all their Microsoft 365 subscriptions but also key insights to optimize their Microsoft investment (e.g. aggregated view of the Microsoft 365 offering that bundles all the applications such as Visio, Project, Microsoft Office, etc.).   

Users can review assignments and activity across multiple Microsoft 365 license types in one place to support optimization efforts. Other KPIs include purchased and free, unassigned and over-assigned; approved and unauthorized; usage and costs; active, inactive, and no activity; monitored and unmonitored.  

These metrics help you control shadow SaaS, keep the IT environment more secure, and properly allocate costs across business units. 

SAP license management 

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software: Latest version provides even greater compliance, optimization, and automation  

Besides becoming certified once again by SAP, Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software’s newest release—version 4.0—provides Snow customers with even more control over their SAP license management. Here are some highlights: 

For more news related to version 4.0 of Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, please see the Release Notes and view the video below: 

Innovation area: Cloud management capabilities 

CostGPT – AI tool on Snow Cloud Cost 

Snow Cloud Cost customers now have access to an AI tool called CostGPT across the platform. You can talk to CostGPT, ask it questions about your cloud cost, and in return, it provides you with personalized insights and visualizations, all in just a few seconds. 

Here are some key benefits of using CostGPT: 

We recognize the challenges of managing cloud costs and the need for multicloud visibility. With CostGPT, users can effortlessly understand their cloud costs instantly. 

What’s next?  

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