The Power of Long View Systems + Snow Software Reveals Actual Software Use and Optimization Strategies

We met with Senior Vice President of Long View Systems, Sarah Morreau, to discuss how they partner with Snow to exceed expectations and help their customers adopt new software optimization strategies.

Long View Systems, a member of the Snow Software Partner Program, is one of the largest privately owned IT services and solutions companies in North America, with offices spanning the continent. What sets the company apart has less to do with technology and more to do with the people who use it. Long View has kept this people-centric focus since its inception back in 1999. 

Long View recognizes the world is in a constant state of change, and so are the businesses and staff members who use technology. Long View Systems embraces this change in what they do, but not in how they do it. One such change is companies’ massive drive to the cloud. SaaS and subscription software models weren’t new in 2020, but when the global pandemic hit, their uptake significantly increased. With everyone having to work remotely, businesses and their cloud systems had to evolve. While the work-from-anywhere model continues in 2022, the increased costs of remote work and the lasting economic uncertainty of the pandemic are beginning to weigh on businesses. Long View seeks to help these businesses work better by providing certainty in an uncertain world. 

Optimizing software use and costs

Looking through the pandemic lens, software optimization strategies have taken on new levels of value for many companies, and the experts at Long View Systems help their North American clients understand this. The cloud-first subscription context means every month clients are paying for software. It is no longer considered an annual fee, and in many instances, they are paying unnecessarily. Using Snow asset management solutions, Long View Systems helps their customers see the status of their software and cloud services, streamline their licenses and find opportunities for savings on their monthly bill. 

Snow Software solutions provide a fine level of granularity, meaning Long View experts can help clients see meter data like no other solution can.

For starters, when Long View experts start looking into the minutia of how often and for how long a user relies on a particular piece of software — instead of basic run times — IT can make more strategic decisions on who really needs what and adjust accordingly. Entire technology estates can be streamlined with these types of insights. And costs can be reduced efficiently across the organization.

Sarah Morreau, Senior Vice President, Long View Systems 

For Long View, capitalizing on the most useful data in a timely way is always the goal. They support the world’s most dynamic businesses by bringing agility and simplicity to their people, and they provide key insights that deliver on optimization goals and smart cost reduction strategies. These are key elements behind why the partnership between Long View and Snow is so successful. Well-aligned values are another. 

Shared philosophy makes for sound partnership

Both Long View Systems and Snow Software have a customer-first philosophy, making for a lasting partnership. Both organizations work to solve real issues for their customers, saving them money and delivering real value in the most transparent way. They work together to make the world work better.

The best-in-class technology and flexible pricing modules from Snow help empower Long View to customize asset management solutions unique to each client, while also providing exceptional value and exceeding expectations. 

If you would like more information on becoming a Snow partner, check out the Snow Global Partner Program. To contact Long View Systems, please email