Collaborating With Solutions Partners to Drive Cost Savings

Learn how our partners are teaming up with customers around the world to help them reduce costs and enable a remote workforce.


Since the onset of COVID-19 and the preceding months of constant change, I’ve noticed an uplifting constant — our partner ecosystem is teaming up with customers around the world to help them in incredible ways.


I’ve witnessed our Solutions partners working ‘hand-in-hand’ with customers to innovate and do what is needed to help them adjust to this new world. In today’s post, I will share a few examples of the agility and collaboration that has inspired us.

Enabling and empowering remote workforces

Although many organizations can support the shift to remote work, there are many questions still bubbling under the surface, especially when it comes to IT. How strong is your remote workforce’s foundation? How secure is it? What pitfalls should you guard against? And last but not least, how much does it cost? We seem to be at the beginning of a revolution around the future of the workplace, and IT teams have been forced to re-examine their plans. The rush to enable a remote workforce created a significant spike in the use of cloud applications. With the increase in cloud usage, many organizations decided to ramp up their public cloud consumption to help remote employees do their jobs effectively. Collaboration software and the hardware to make remote work more effective have become top priority for IT teams when it comes to budgeting.

But without the proper mix of tools and insights, organizations don’t have the visibility over their technology ecosystem to adjust spend and accommodate their employee’s needs. With Snow, Solutions partners are helping organizations enable and empower remote workforces while simultaneously reducing costs. Through rightsizing and reducing wasted spend on unused cloud, SaaS, and on-premises software, Snow helps organizations save and optimize IT spending.

As organisations have implemented their Business Continuity Plans to respond to the challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic, this has caused a significant upwards spike in the level of spend in Public Cloud environments which is forecasted to grow a further 40% growth year-on-year. This growth in cloud consumption has caused a shift from capital to operational expenditure and IT costs are now more transparent.  At a time when cashflow is restricted and the need for customers to “tighten their belts”, Senior stakeholder focus is now shifting towards how to gain control of, and optimise, cloud costs – Our Cloud Investment Management Services have never been in greater demand.”- Dan Krayenbrink, SAM Business Development Manager at Bytes Software Services

Driving cost savings with Software Asset Management

The pandemic has created global economic uncertainty and proactive organizations are preparing for a dry season ahead by identifying areas of immediate cost savings such as, delaying or cancelling new projects and purchases, or reducing or cancelling subscriptions, maintenance and support contracts for existing investments. It is essential to optimize costs and carefully select investments moving forwards to reduce risk.  But supporting a completely remote workforce has created a spike in cloud consumption costs. Solutions partners are relying on SAM, Software Asset Management, to discover all the assets in their environments, streamline and simplify licenses, and ultimately, drive technology cost savings to support this spike.

With our SAM expertise and the right tools in use, our Softline specialists are helping customers also during the pandemic to reduce their costs for cloud based software and services by 20-40%. Having a strong partner like Snow Software and their innovative technologies at our side is essential to realize these cost savings, e.g. by monitoring and reducing unused software and services, controlling expired subscriptions and optimizing (multi) cloud environments, which is now at the top of IT leaders agendas more than ever in the current climate.” – Robert Härtwig, Director SAM & ITAM Services at Softline Solutions GmbH

Our SAM solution delivers complete visibility of your software estate, including cloud services, and can help you make informed decisions on where you’re at today and what you can do to rightsize your assets. It’s a means to maximizing your resources at a time when cutting unnecessary costs has never been more critical.

Supporting our partners

We want our Solutions partners to continue to be a pillar of stability for our customers as they adjust to this new environment. I’m especially amazed at how our partners and customers are stepping up to the current challenges and using our solutions to drive savings and shape their new IT strategies.

Thanks to the many people behind the scenes across our partners, customers and Snow who are working together to enable business continuity in so many key areas.