Announcing Snow and BMC's Partnership: Tackling Challenges in a Hybrid World

Learn more about Snow and BMC's expanded partnership and what it means for our customers.

As enterprises in some parts of the world begin to re-open, it’s clear that hybrid work is here to stay, with some workforce returning to the office and others remaining remote. Now, to support this seismic shift in the way organizations and teams work and keep their staff productive and safe, IT teams will need to re-think how they manage their technology landscape.

With so many new challenges on the horizon for IT teams, Snow is excited to share we’re beginning a new chapter in our strategic partnership with BMC, a global leader in software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise. The enhanced partnership will provide our customers with the best outcomes possible and help them address significant issues in their environments as they adjust to hybrid ways of working. We’ve expanded our partnership, delivering a more enhanced product integration and more tightly aligned services to enable our shared customers to remain agile, maintain stability and improve visibility over their environments – no matter where employees are based.

The hybrid work evolution

The new hybrid workplace model presents many unknowns and technical challenges for IT teams. That includes answering initial questions like:

Within a constantly changing, complex enterprise infrastructure, having visibility and good data quality to help with decision-making will be the key to long-term success. Customers tell us they need to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of their current IT landscape to make impactful decisions and drive innovation. They need the power to discover all their technology in use and address issues such as application sprawl and rising and uncertain IT costs. With BMC and Snow’s enhanced partnership, customers can not only discover technology but better manage their hardware, software and cloud applications as well.

Our expanded commercial agreement

As a part of Snow and BMC’s new agreement, we’ll be working even more closely to address our joint customers’ needs quickly and seamlessly. With more integrated support and services offered on a global scale, we’ll be able to better guide our customers towards success. This is particularly beneficial to organizations looking for all the benefits of a platform experience. without vendor lock-in, as well as those who want best-in-class SAM data that can elevate their ITSM platform.

Reliable data and visibility drives decision making

Our partnership integrates award-winning technologies offering enhanced coverage across the enterprise, including cloud and on-premises environments. Building a resilient organization starts with seamlessly being able to identify how and where technology investments are being utilized across devices, servers, cloud and SaaS applications. Looking at BMC and Snow’s dashboards, our customers can gain a holistic view of their environments, with unified data to help them make decisions addressing spend challenges, minimizing the potential for audits, maintaining compliance or re-harvesting licenses or seats to take advantage of cost savings.

The intelligence provided by Snow and BMC gives organizations real-time data and visibility to effectively manage costs, reduce time to resolve IT help desk tickets, accelerate digital initiatives and even introduce more automation into IT business processes. But it all hinges on having the right information to drive decision-making.

With Snow’s software asset management and BMC’s IT service management technologies working in concert, customers can meet today’s needs with improved IT operations service availability and reliable data.

See more details about Snow and BMC’s partnership in the full press release.