Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software Achieves The ITAM Review Re-Certification

We’re thrilled to share that Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software has been certified once again by The ITAM Review. Learn more about the review and what that means for our technology.

Most organizations operate in a hybrid reality with a mix of on premises and cloud infrastructures, resources and applications. For those businesses that still heavily rely on big enterprise vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or SAP, ensuring that you are not hit with a huge bill as a result of an audit or true up conversations, while effectively managing increasingly complex systems and evolving licensing requirements can be a full time job.

That’s why Snow has put so much energy into building our library of technologies, designed to help you make sense of the chaos caused by traditional enterprise systems like those offered by the big five. But you don’t have to just take our word for it…

We’re excited to share that Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software has been certified once again by The ITAM Review. As an independent and impartial community for worldwide IT asset management (ITAM), software asset management (SAM) and software licensing professionals, The ITAM Review has certified Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software as suitable for SAP license management. The certification is designed to help identify suitable tools for managing licensing and provides independent verification for SAP license management features by assessing tools against published standards. Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software was found to exceed the requirements of The ITAM Review SAP License Management Standard v2.0.  

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software Achieves The ITAM Review Re-Certification

Managing license spend 

According to The ITAM Review, Snow Optimizer helps identify and remove inactive or duplicate SAP users with just a few clicks, one of the primary areas that can drive up costs for SAP users. Snow optimizes and automates SAP license management by eliminating unintended overspend on SAP deployments. From a single, integrated console, Snow Optimizer provides a consolidated view of detailed usage along with automatic license administration and calculation of costs.

Snow Optimizer can identify inactive users via an aggregated view, showing all users and the day count since their last login. With a few clicks, customers can view candidates for removal and push changes out to the satellite systems. It can underpin an effective SAP license management process whereby users are continually optimized, inactive and duplicate users are expired and compliance for users and engines is always visible. Snow’s technology also issues alerts and notifications to facilitate proactive management of SAP licensing. These features were key to passing The ITAM Review’s certification process, as they are amongst the most common use cases for SAP license management

Snow Optimizer provides granular detail on which interfaces access SAP so that organizations can differentiate between users with legitimate access and third-party automated systems. In addition it can identify digital objects created and give customers the ability to compare old and new indirect/digital access licensing models and track compliance. We know this is a particularly frustrating and confusing area for many SAP customers, and that the embedded SAP tools don’t make it easy to determine which approach is right for your organization.

During The ITAM Review’s certification process, reviewers spoke with a few of our customers who noted that Snow Optimizer for SAP Software delivered significant ROI.

One of core areas looked at in the ITAM Review process is product roadmap. Snow continues to invest in SAP capabilities with a strong product roadmap, and new features. Major releases are planned to update the product to the latest SAP optimization use cases as soon as possible after they are released.

A key component to the re-certification process is a strong company investment in the technology. We are incredibly proud of our entire team that works on Software Optimizer for SAP® Software – and the re-certification by ITAM Review is another opportunity for us to celebrate and validate as we continue to keep our product performing at the highest standards expected by the community.

Learn more about The ITAM Review’s findings and detailed customer references.