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Know every detail. See the big picture.
Snow Software is changing the way organizations think about their technology investments, empowering IT and business leaders to drive transformation with precision and agility, today and into the future. That's technology intelligence.


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The world's largest enterprises and most trusted institutions use Snow to optimize their software, applications, hardware and cloud investments.


Perspective is Power.

Technology intelligence is changing the way organizations manage their IT assets. With Snow, you can go beyond discovery and inventory to understand exactly how your technology is being used. You are empowered to optimize your budget and maximize your impact, elevating IT to an agent of change and agility.

With the right perspective, anything is possible.

"Here at Snow, our entire team is focused on the success of our customers. We believe that a single platform, built from the most innovative products, can revolutionize our industry. Today, IT leaders have a unique opportunity to transform and protect their organizations, and we are here to help."

Vishal Rao,
President & CEO

"Snow’s success is driven by great products, a dedicated team, and a bold vision to provide our customers with complete visibility and manageability across all of their technology."

Vishal Rao,
President & CEO

Ready to work at the edge of innovation?

We are hiring future-focused and customer-centric team players all over the world.

We are at our best together.
The Snow Tribe cares, supports, and respects each other, always.
Our customers are the center of our world.
We exist to help our customers thrive.
We grow together.
Snow's growth and our personal growth go hand in hand.
Stepping up is what we do.
Our success is in our hands — we own it and live up to it.
Innovation is our rocket fuel.
We use our time and smarts to tirelessly drive improvements, big and small.
We trust one another.
Openness and honesty earns us the trust of the Tribe and the trust of our customers.

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