To the Power of Snow: Introducing Our New Brand

Snow is excited to reveal our new brand. Learn the story behind our brand's evolution and what you can expect to see in the future.


At Snow, our mission is simple: deliver long-term customer value by providing complete insight and manageability across all technology. This means we’re committed to helping IT teams optimize their entire technology landscape to strategically support their organizations. As our mission has evolved and expanded over the years – from leading software asset management to providing technology intelligence across the entire IT ecosystem – it is important this new mandate is reflected across everything we do.

Today, we are proud to launch our refreshed brand. This means you will start to see our updated logo, color palette, key visual elements and new content across all of our channels. This is an exciting milestone for Snow, and we wanted to share the story behind the change and what it means for our community.  

Shifting needs

The rate of technology change continues to accelerate, fueled by both innovation and evolving business demands. We only have to consider how much has changed over the past few months as many organizations have rapidly made the move to remote working, something that would have been untenable without advances in digitalization and collaboration tools. As our experts have noted, over the past decade IT has shifted from the gatekeeper of technology to the true enabler of the workforce. With this, IT leaders have taken on a much more complex position within the organization – one where they are not only required to contribute to overall business strategy, but also manage costs, safeguard the business and leverage technology to unlock real competitive advantage. Addressing these changing needs has driven Snow’s transformation beyond traditional software asset management to technology intelligence.

Evolving Snow

Technology intelligence is at the core of what drives Snow. It brings together market-leading solutions in software, SaaS and cloud management, creating a path forward for our customers that addresses their needs today and into the future.

It starts with a fundamental understanding of how and why employees use specific technologies, along with a clear understanding of the resources an organization has across its ecosystem. By using accurate and actionable data to make informed decisions, IT teams can use these insights to create strategic advantage, propel innovation initiatives, build resilience, empower the workforce and more.

Technology intelligence is also at the core of several disciplines with similar purposes that have been coming together over the last several years – software asset management, hardware asset management, SaaS management and cloud management. Recognizing this shift and breaking down the silos between these areas has allowed us to quickly accelerate our ability to better support our customers and partners. We’re proud of the community we’ve created and to be trusted by more than 4,000 customers to drive business growth across their software, hardware, cloud and SaaS applications.

Over the past few months, we’ve also reached some huge milestones as a company, from surpassing $100 million ARR to acquiring the hybrid cloud management leader Embotics. By embracing technology intelligence, we’ve been able to significantly invest in strengthening and innovating our solution offerings – in one unified platform – enabling us to address the evolving needs of our customers around the world.

With all this transformation, we recognize that it’s the right time for our brand to also reflect our evolution, expanded capability and market relevance – and represent the potential ahead.

A new perspective

Now, more than ever, IT teams require end-to-end visibility across their IT ecosystem in order to optimize spend, maximize value, minimize risk and pivot strategy as needed.

The core of our new brand is empowering IT and business leaders with a new perspective, enabling them to understand both the granular impacts of technology and the high-level view of how it all fits together. With the right perspective, it is possible to get the timely, accurate insights needed to make confident, data-driven decisions about their technology investments. With the right perspective, organizations can make technology a catalyst for business agility. With the right perspective, anything is possible.

That is the power of perspective. That is the power of Snow.

This concept is embodied in our new logo, which builds on our heritage and beloved Snow blue with a modern twist. Our snowflake symbol is now an accent to our name, representing how we take your technology to the power of Snow by delivering the intelligence you need to manage resources and optimize performance while operating with precision and speed. The foundation for our new snowflake symbol is also a three-dimensional shape, representing the unique perspective and depth of our platform.

You will see these same ideas showcased throughout our visual language. The new brand is fresh, bold and certain. But it is also empowering, inspiring and supportive. It represents Snow’s growth and ambitious vision while remaining grounded in an unwavering commitment to our customers.

This launch is an opportunity to look back at our evolution over the past 23 years, celebrate the global community we have built today, and look forward with excitement as we deliver expanded technology intelligence in the future. We are the same Snow. Just with a brand new perspective.