Introducing Snow’s 2021 IT Priorities Report

We surveyed 1,000 IT leaders and 3,000 workers from around the world to gauge how organizations are using and managing their technology resources as they adapt to the pandemic.

As we approach the end of another year, mapping out individual, team and organizational goals is at the top of many to-do lists. But considering the significant disruptions of 2020 and the continued uncertainty organizations of every size are facing, how do IT leaders chart a path forward?

It is clear that new ways of working, budget cuts and heightened risk will continue to impact IT teams in 2021. At Snow, we wanted to see how those challenges have intersected with organizational priorities and employee behaviors, uncovering trends that are influencing how CIOs and IT leaders will set their plans for the coming year. In our inaugural 2021 IT Priorities Report, we surveyed 1,000 IT leaders and 3,000 workers from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia to better gauge how organizations around the world are using and managing their technology resources, especially as they adapt to the long-term implications and resulting market pressures of the pandemic.

To understand how the landscape has shifted for many enterprises, discovering more about the realities faced by IT teams was only one piece of the puzzle. Employees’ attitudes and behaviors towards technology, policies and processes are equally important to see how IT plans come to life. In the IT Priorities Report, we asked questions like:

While every organization is facing a different set of circumstances based on industry, geography and size, there were a number of similarities in the trends and challenges faced over the past year. The data also suggests that organizations who feel confident in their ability to understand and govern their technology accordingly – what we at Snow call technology intelligence – were better positioned to weather current events and maintain an innovative IT agenda.

Additional key takeaways we discovered include:

If you’re interested in learning more about these trends and how these are framing priorities for CIOs and IT teams in 2021, download your copy of the report here. We’ll provide additional analysis and data breakdowns on the blog as we dig even deeper into the findings over the next couple months.

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