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Software Asset Management

Get complete visibility of your entire software estate

Useful, unnecessary or unlicensed? Unless you know the status of your software and cloud services, you could be wasting money or risking a nasty surprise when you get audited. And what about all the unrecognized technology being deployed out of sight of IT? How do you ensure compliance and security for software you can’t see?

Tame your software assets with Snow Software Asset Management

With Snow’s Software Asset Management, your questions are answered. It provides complete visibility over the software and cloud services your business uses. It takes on-premises, cloud and mobile in its stride, putting you in control with a single source of truth. This empowers you to discover all assets in your environment, streamline and simplify licenses, make tangible savings and reduce risk. You get an up-to-the-minute view of what’s deployed across your organization, with automated workflows to accelerate adoption and increase ROI.

Strengthen your business with SAM

  • Audit defense: Know your effective license position before the auditors come knocking, minimizing unbudgeted costs and disruption.
  • Discovery and inventory: The simple way to shine a light on all hardware, devices, cloud services and software assets and get actionable insight.
  • License management and optimization: Right-size your software estate with effective management of your software installs, usage, licenses and entitlements.
  • Compliance and risk: Protect your business with continuous compliance, prevent under-licensing and stay on the right side of the GDPR.
Snow everywhere

Establish complete visibility and control costs with advanced discovery, management, and optimization of cloud services.


Manage full lifecycle of phones, tablets and laptops from sourcing to end of life.


Discover and optimize all virtual IT assets across the desktop, datacenter, and cloud.