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Build a clean and automated CMDB

Snow ITSM Enhancer enables organizations to automatically build and maintain the CMDB with accurate software and hardware information. With improved data quality, you can ensure product and service catalogs are always up to date, boost help desk efficiency and unlock valuable insights into your IT landscape.

ITSM Enhancer

Power your organization with a reliable IT service desk.


Your ITSM efforts rely on an inaccurate and incomplete CMDB.

  • Inconsistent data
  • Provisioning is manual and time consuming
  • Lack of governance  
  • Unable to analyze application support issues


Automatically create a normalized and clean CMDB with Snow.

  • Get visibility of all software, hardware and applications
  • Strengthen software provisioning
  • Validate licensing and entitlements
  • Augment with detailed usage statistics

How It Works

Snow pulls together detailed hardware configuration and software data for all devices in your environment. You gain complete visibility into installed applications, entitlement details, usage information and more. This data is then mapped and pushed to the respective CMDB fields, via ITSM Enhancer, to power your service desk. 

ITSM Enhancer - Marketecture

Deep visibility into software and hardware across your ecosystem

Leveraging both agent and agentless discovery, Snow provides a complete view of the entire IT ecosystem, on-prem and in the cloud. The result is a dynamically updated asset library to drive better service outcomes. Plus, you can include license availability, product usage and compliance calculations to improve re-harvesting and provisioning processes. 

Deep visibility into software and hardware across your ecosystem

Improve data quality through normalization and augmentation

Leveraging the world's largest software recognition database, Snow translates raw asset information into structured data with consistent naming conventions. This normalized data is also enhanced with additional information, such as end-of-life dates. ITSM Enhancer maps this clean data into the CMDB to shorten provisioning times, decrease mean-time to resolution and empower the service desk. 

Improve data quality through agent and agentless discovery

Automation keeps your environment up to date

Automatically populating the CMDB with Snow dates ensures you are always operating with the most accurate IT information. Daily updates provide up-to-date visibility without the manual effort. 

Automation keeps your environment up to date

ITSM Integrations

ITSM Enhancer fully integrates with the leading ITSM platforms. 


“Snow Software has been great to work with and has been very helpful in integrating with our existing ITSM tools and CMDB. As stated above, the Snow Software platform allows us to consolidate all of our disparate sources and gives one central location to track HW and SW assets.”

CIO, Healthcare Organization with $1B to $3B in revenue
CIO, Healthcare Enterprise
Snow IT Service Management Enhancer
Snow IT Service Management Enhancer

Explore how you can unlock powerful data for successful ITSM. 

5 Steps to a Clean CMDB
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