Snow for BMC Power the CMDB with automated, normalized data

The preferred partnership between Snow Software and BMC provides a seamless integration that enables IT service managers to automatically build and maintain the BMC CMDB with accurate user, software and hardware information. With improved data quality, you can operate with Information Technology Infrastructure Library best practices, ensure product and service catalogs are always current and boost IT help desk efficiency.

Snow and BMC work together to run and reinvent IT operations.

Deep visibility into
software and hardware

Improve CMDB
data quality

Control SaaS sprawl, costs and security risk

Manage all assets

With industry-leading ITSM and SAM solutions, IT service desk technicians can easily ingest vendor license agreements, track renewals and access an updated library for product use rights. Snow and BMC auto-discover datacenter hardware and software assets, visualize application mapping and dependencies and bring to light end-user consumption of software. 

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Trust your technology data

Trust your technology data

With the largest and most accurate software database, Snow provides ITSM managers with precise information about deployed software and hardware, complete with enriched asset data such as end-of-life and end-of-support information. Normalization translates exact software versions and enables a clean, usable CMDB. Snow for BMC shortens software provisioning time by empowering BMC customers and partners with real-time license availability and easily shareable data.

From the early days, one of the reasons we chose to go with Snow is we felt Snow was much more of a partner, not a vendor.
CIO at software enterprise with $2B in revenue