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Take control of your Oracle investment

Oracle licensing is notoriously complex and it's far too easy to make configuration changes that can negatively impact your license exposure. Unnecessary license purchases and maintenance costs can cause your expenses to skyrocket. With Snow, you can get the confidence and tools you need to manage your Oracle environment and control your spend. 

Oracle License Management

Optimize one of your most expensive enterprise software investments.

Understand your virtualization technology usage

virtualization technology usage

Deploy the most cost-effective database edition

Deploy the most
cost-effective database edition

Import entitlements for complete visibility

Import entitlements for
complete visibility

Don’t overspend on virtualization

One of the most common ways to rack up unexpected costs is by using virtualization technologies. Snow Spend Optimizer gives you insight into the virtualization technologies in use and automatically applies the correct Oracle license policies for your soft and hard partitioned environments. Continuous monitoring ensures you maintain your compliance position.

Don’t overspend on virtualization

Rightsize your database configurations

Do you really need to use the expensive Enterprise Edition that's installed by default? Spend Optimizer interprets Oracle's core factors in relation to your installed hardware. Calculate and receive recommendations on the appropriate database edition and the correct number of processor and named user plus licenses required so you only purchase what you need. 

How are your databases configured?

Use your entitlements effectively

Get complete visibility of use rights, renewals and license position by directly importing entitlements with minimal manual effort. Automatically match entitlements to license requirements to maintain an accurate license position for your Oracle database and middleware products, and significantly reduce unbudgeted costs.

Use your entitlements effectively

"In just a few minutes we can get an accurate and transparent view of our investment in Oracle databases without complicated and time-consuming work."

Aneta Kozłowska, SAM Team Manager, Agora
Snow customer - Agora
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