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Oracle License Management

Gain visibility of your Oracle deployments to reduce audit risk & minimize costs

Why manage Oracle licenses?

Licensing Oracle databases is a complex process which many organizations fall foul of when it comes to an audit or through unnecessary expenditure. This is why it is so important to manage it correctly with a solution that provides full transparency of your Oracle setup.

The combination of reduced financial risk and rewards from managing it correctly are too great to ignore.

The key to effective management is to simplify specific Oracle licensing complexities and build up a full picture of deployments across the estate. This requires an automated solution to discover these deployments, combined with Oracle-specific licensing intelligence.

Those in charge of licensing Oracle software may face the following challenges:

  • Lack of full visibility of Oracle software currently installed across the estate
  • Lack of control and visibility when new Oracle databases are deployed
  • Difficulty in matching deployed databases to the physical and virtual environments on which they reside.

All of these complications can put your organization in a position where it is spending more than necessary on Oracle licensing and cannot quantify financial risk if an audit were to arise.

Identify Oracle Databases

Snow’s Oracle Management Option, combined with Snow License Manager, empowers the SAM manager to identify all Oracle databases deployed across the estate.

The information about these databases, such as deployed editions and enabled management packs and options enables any Oracle stakeholder within the business to understand current financial liability from the hardware and software configurations in use. Oracle-defined Core Factors of the majority of hardware are matched and displayed via Snow’s Software Recognition Service, making license calculations straightforward and reducing likelihood of error.

Understand the virtualized environment

From the perspective of licensing, Oracle does not recognize many virtualized environments, making you liable for the use of the physical environment. This means that an error in the physical and virtual configuration could lead to significant unbudgeted costs. Snow’s Virtualization Management Option provides further information about the virtualized environment on which Oracle databases are deployed to reduce such risks.

Business Benefits

  • Deliver a full picture of Oracle databases to understand financial liability in case of an audit
  • Understand current configurations and optimize from a licensing and resource perspective

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Oracle licensing is complex and multi-layered. Such an intricate problem requires a complete solution - which is provided by Snow’s SAM Platform, to reduce financial liability and make dramatic costs savings on your Oracle investment.

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