Snow Software Releases New Capabilities to Help Customers Manage the Growing Complexity of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Improvements boost flexibility through support for new platforms and provisioning methods, improved integrations and enhanced support for global organizations

Stockholm and Austin, Texas – April 12, 2022Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence, today announced enhancements to its Snow Commander product designed to help organizations of all maturity levels advance their cloud journey while extending into hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Digital transformation is still a critical initiative for many enterprises. According to a report from Snow, 94% of IT decision makers said the pace of digital transformation dramatically increased in the last year, and many of their organizations increased overall cloud spend during that time. However, 71% of these IT decision makers say they are struggling to deliver new solutions and maintain the pace of innovation required to stay competitive in today’s business landscape.

To address the cloud infrastructure challenges IT leaders are facing, Snow has made several improvements to Snow Commander, a dynamic hybrid cloud management solution that leverages automation to deliver business agility, oversight and operational efficiency. With Snow Commander, enterprises and service providers can simplify hybrid and multi-cloud management through streamlined IT service delivery. Snow Commander offers the flexibility needed to enable users to consume the cloud resources they need when they need them, providing users with a quick, self-service way to access both public and private clouds while maintaining the oversight needed to also allow consumption of resources directly from cloud providers.

“Most organizations have a cloud strategy, but as they continue their cloud journey, these businesses face a myriad of cloud and infrastructure management challenges, including the proliferation of cloud technologies that leads to increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. To fully realize the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, organizations need a way to simplify the consumption of these new cloud services,” said Sanjay Castelino, Chief Product and Customer Officer at Snow. “Organizations are using Snow Commander to deliver that simplification and provide the governance and visibility needed to safely adopt and extend their use of cloud technologies so they can innovate and be competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape.”

Snow Commander now provides organizations with the following:

Consistent Management Experience Across Platforms
As hybrid environments become increasingly complex, organizations often have a lack of visibility into spend and usage across cloud platforms and technologies, which is made even more difficult without consistent managements and controls.

Snow Commander offers organizations a consistent end-to-end cloud management experience across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with new enhancements that enable organizations to easily extend the cloud platforms and technologies under management. Snow Commander now provides support for organizations deploying Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), which enables them to use Snow Commander to manage any resource deployed by Terraform regardless of the cloud platform in use. Additionally, customers can now use Snow Commander to manage Azure Stack HCI, which is a new hyperconverged infrastructure cluster solution that combines on-premises infrastructure with Azure cloud services. Through its intuitive self-service experience, Snow Commander helps increase business agility and foster innovation, without a loss of control over technology usage, and these recent enhancements make it easier for organizations to safely adopt and manage the cloud technologies they need to be competitive.

Introduction of Anything as a Service (XaaS)
Organizations need a flexible tool that can help them fully manage both traditional and non-traditional technology resources within the same service portal as hybrid environments become increasingly complex. Snow Commander’s XaaS capabilities enable customers to create change requests with custom workflows that can be used to make consistent Day-2 configuration changes against any type of resource that may exist within their hybrid cloud, offering organizations the flexibility to leverage their technologies of choice to innovate while maintaining and simplifying oversight.

Improved Integration and Extensibility
While integrating new and existing technologies can be difficult, Snow Commander’s representational state transfer application programming interface (REST API) enhancements simplify integrations and automation into more complex environments and configuration processes, maximizing the value of technology investments by ensuring tools are working together seamlessly to drive business outcomes and increase business agility.

Enhanced Support for Global and Multi-National Organizations
Snow Commander also extends support for global and multi-national organizations with the addition of multilingual and multicurrency capabilities. This enables individual users and administrators to select language options in the Service Portal and view all reports showing expenses in local currency, offering customizable support and visibility on a global scale. This mitigates the difficulty organizations face reconciling bills from multiple cloud providers in different currencies, as well as presenting cost options in the preferred currency for end users.

Snow Commander is continuously innovating to help customers decrease barriers associated with adopting hybrid and multi-cloud, while simplifying the management of increasingly complex environments. To learn more about Snow Commander and its newest features, please visit

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