Snow introduces ‘best of both worlds’ approach to optimizing SAP® Software licenses

July 9, 2015, Stockholm: Snow Software, the leading developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions for both end user organizations and service providers, today announced the launch of Snow License Manager 7 FR2 (Feature Release 2).  Key among the benefits of the new release is the ability to integrate the optimization of SAP licensing and contract management into the wider SAM program, thanks to the integration of management data from the Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software solution into the main license optimization hub in Snow License Manager.

The launch of Snow License Manager 7 FR2  means that SAP license optimization is no longer the sole responsibility of the SAP basis administrators and can now be integrated into a single multi-platform SAM program.

Peter Björkman, CTO at Snow Software, explained: “We’ve learned that there are distinct advantages to managing the SAP data collection and user monitoring with the SAP ABAP user interface itself.  However, other stakeholders with responsibility for SAM neither have access to, nor understand, this interface.   The integration offered by Snow License Manager 7 FR2 introduces a best of both worlds solution that enables the SAP specialists to continue working in the environment they prefer, while making valuable software optimization intelligence available to multiple users from other departments in the intuitive and graphical  management reports.”

Snow License Manager 7 FR2 will enable SAM stakeholders from across the organization to play a part in important SAP software optimization tasks, including inventorying deployed SAP applications, monitoring deployed license volumes and types, identifying unused or redundant licenses and preparing for contract and maintenance renewal negotiations.  Snow License Manager presents information both in graphical and tabular formats, with full drill-down capabilities.

Björkman continued: “With SAP customers typically spending millions each year on new licenses and maintenance agreements, the costs are just too high to ignore opportunities to optimize.  The combination of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software and Snow License Manager 7 FR2 enables everyone involved in SAM to do what they are best at: the SAP administrators can focus on data collection and optimization of deployed license types while SAM and procurement professionals can use the intelligence now available in Snow License Manager to make sure they get a better deal for new licenses and ongoing support contracts.  As we’ve already seen with existing customers, the savings can be huge.”

Snow License Manager 7 FR2 is available with immediate effect.  Please contact your regional Snow office for more information.

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