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Snow Optimizer for SAP Software, an SAP-certified application, provides SAP license optimization and management automation in a single integrated console.

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software enables companies to achieve the transparency and visibility necessary to actively optimize and manage their SAP deployments. SAP licensing is complex, and a lack of insight can result in significant financial and legal liabilities, whether from direct or indirect usage, and paying for assets that are not even utilized.

The solution provides organizations with the insight and intelligence required to ensure SAP licensing is always right-sized to actual needs – both preventing unintended overspend and putting the SAP administration team in the driving seat when it comes to SAP license and contract negotiations.

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software at a glance:

  • View consolidated usage data across all SAP systems
  • Automate SAP user license administration
  • Identify and trace indirect usage
  • Centrally manage contracts and addendums
  • Contain HANA license costs
  • Optimize BusinessObjects licensing
  • Install and manage within the SAP environment (SAP certified)

Key Benefits                    


Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software provides deep-dive analysis into transactional and individual usage data, identifying opportunities to reduce costs and liabilities by eliminating duplicate users and unused licenses.  The solution can automatically recommend ‘best-fit’ license types based on user behavior, making it easy to switch from expensive licenses to cheaper ones where appropriate.  Automatic monitoring frees up SAP administrators to focus on core duties and ensures information is always up-to-date in case of an audit or review. Contract Management and compliance reports can provide guidance and insight as well as help achieve savings through better negotiations with vendors.


Every user who creates, reads, or manipulates SAP data (whether directly or indirectly) must be authorized and licensed to do so. The financial liabilities for indirect usage can be significant and costly.

There are indicators of named user activity that are tell-tale signs of the SAP system being accessed by third-party applications. Snow Optimizer for SAP Software rapidly identifies potential indirect usage based upon these anomalous activities.

The solution reports on communications to and from external third-party systems to identify the originating user in the third-party system, highlighting the users who are indirectly querying SAP and through which system. It also reconciles third party users against named users within the SAP system.

Through this functionality, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software provides comprehensive data about Indirect Usage which enables the organization to significantly reduce financial exposure and to highlight risk in the future.


Snow Optimizer for SAP Software maintains up-to-date details on all SAP license allocations, giving SAP administrators the ability to adjust license types and distribution on-the-fly. Automated rule sets quickly align individual users with the correct license in the correct system based on their activities.

Alerts can be triggered when the organization nears license limits under current contracts or specific activity restrictions.  Pre-defined rules help organizations prevent actions that would incur unexpected or unacceptable costs.


Snow Optimizer for SAP Software can be used to test a variety of “what-if” scenarios that enable the organization to model how changing the deployed license types would affect SAP licensing and support costs. Scenarios can be played out in the solution without making any changes on the live system until the organization is happy with the results, avoiding potentially costly licensing mistakes.


By profiling usage of every individual using BusinessObjects software, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software empowers the administrator to right-size licensing to actual needs.

The solution reconciles BusinessObjects licenses against SAP licenses to ascertain any gaps or overlaps. By matching usage to the correct license, eliminating duplicates and revoking licenses from inactive users, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software refines an organization’s BusinessObjects licensing position to prevent unnecessary overspend or compliance and audit risk from underspend.


Snow Optimizer for SAP Software can be fully-deployed even on large SAP environments in just a few days, with actionable intelligence being collected immediately.  Customers report a 20-30% saving on their SAP costs typically within weeks alone. 

Ongoing savings can run into the millions as organizations take advantage of the information generated by Snow Optimizer for SAP Software to renegotiate their contracts and right-size licensing to actual needs.

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* SAP is registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries.





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