What’s New at Snow Software: September 2023

This month’s innovations include loads of new features and functionality for our customers and partners. From wide-ranging improvements across SAM on Snow Atlas, Snow SaaS Management to Snow Cloud Cost, there’s something for everyone.

New partner capabilities

Customer application management: Improved security and cost optimization

From the Customers overview page, Snow partners are now able to compare and prioritize high-value metrics across all their customers’ applications.

For example, they can quickly identify customers whose IT environments contain a specific number of installed yet prohibited (aka “denied”) applications. In the same way, partners can easily see which customers have applications with the following support statuses: end of support (EOS), end of extended support (EOES) or end of life (EOL).

Drill directly into customer environments where high-risk applications are present.

As you can see in the bottom part of the screenshot above, the partner drills into the customer environment in question to then carry out established policies for handling these risky applications (in this example, 50 installations on Acrobat Professional 2017 reached EOS over a year ago).

And when it comes to optimizing application costs, Snow partners can also use these same views to immediately identify and uncover details regarding customers’ used and unused applications, acting accordingly to reduce provisioned licenses, and rightsize license entitlements with vendors based on actual usage.

New SAM capabilities

ITSM Enhancer for ServiceNow: Significant performance improvements

With Snow ITSM Enhancer for ServiceNow, customers can now gain greatly improved performance through implementing indexes.

Enjoy faster data processing in ServiceNow by creating indexes via the certified
Snow app Guided Setup.

This improved performance is realized in the form of faster processing and aggregation of Snow SAM data into ServiceNow. Implementing indexes provides the most benefits for ITSM Enhancer for ServiceNow environments from approximately 30,000 to 70,000 devices.

Learn how to use the ServiceNow Guided Setup steps to create performance-increasing indexes in our Snow Globe knowledge base article, How to implement Snow for ServiceNow performance improvements. To access Snow Globe articles, you can create a user account here for free.

SAM on Snow Atlas

Proactive data governance with computer properties filtering

As a SaaS platform, Snow Atlas is continually updated with incremental value. You can follow these frequently communicated new and enhanced capabilities through Snow’s community public broadcast page, Snow Atlas Releases.

One such example of a small but powerful, quick update is the recently released Computers list filtering capability, which allows you to inspect the current situation of computers in your IT landscape.

Proactively inspect the status of computers in your IT landscape to head off challenges
before they happen.

Has a laptop, datacenter server or virtual machine unexpectedly reported back as having Inactive status? Are computers being scanned in the time intervals you’re expecting? Just choose a column to filter to the property you’re most interested in; then, take appropriate action on the resulting filtered computer list, if necessary.

Oracle: Even better, more complete visibility of your Java installations

Detection of Java installations across your entire IT landscape can be tricky. Snow is a pioneer in this area, having first provided this capability two years ago, with continued enhancements all along the way.

Fast forward to the late summer of 2023, and Snow keeps adding incremental innovation, this time in the form of our enhanced All Java installations report on Snow Atlas.

This report’s value has increased significantly through the addition of the following new columns: Architecture, Installation status, Home path, Reason message, plus a host of others located in our new column selector.

Getting and keeping control of your Java installations has never been easier.

New SaaS Management capabilities

Improved SaaS data source: Browser extension

Increasing SaaS sprawl in organizations is driving a lack of visibility, wasted spend, and heightened security & regulatory risks. To combat this, Snow SaaS Management provides consolidated SaaS application usage and cost data visibility, thanks to several discovery sources.

One of these SaaS data discovery sources is unique to Snow: Using a web browser extension to discover both known and unknown applications accessed from within your IT landscape, including free and trial SaaS apps. The browser extension also discovers individual SaaS activity, detailed down to the number of hours and minutes users have spent logged into such SaaS apps. This is key information for you to know when it comes to your security and software renewal processes.

Our most recent news is that this secure, powerful browser extension uses an innovative data collection method that does not depend on an agent. This allows customers to benefit from a standalone SaaS management solution if desired, without any other product dependencies.

New Cloud Cost management capabilities

Snow Cloud Cost: New S3 recommendations for better cost efficiency

Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) is among the most extensively used AWS services today. Take advantage of the following new enhancements to the Snow Cloud Cost recommendations engine to maximize your ROI on Amazon S3:

The recommendations from Snow Cloud Cost provide options to move to cheaper classes
such as Standard IA.

What’s next?

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