Snow For ServiceNow Power business operations with a reliable IT service desk

Snow Software has a certified integration with ServiceNow to automatically build and maintain the CMDB with accurate user, software and hardware information. With improved data quality, you can ensure product and service catalogs are always up to date, boost IT help desk efficiency and unlock valuable insights into your IT landscape. To conform to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library best practice framework for continuous improvement, it’s important to have the best software data as your source of truth.

Populate the ServiceNow CMDB with cleansed and normalized data.

Gain complete visibility into
software usage

Accurate CMDB

Agent and agentless discovery and insights 

Fuel IT decision-making

Snow and ServiceNow autonomously discover datacenter hardware and software assets, pull in software metering and integrate vulnerability data. With these industry recognized ITSM and SAM solutions, IT service desk technicians can easily track vendor license agreements and renewals. CIOs and IT leaders can more effectively power business operations with an efficiently running user lifecycle, optimizing technology spend and usage, ensuring compliance and governance, minimizing data access risk and making data-based decisions.

30 % Gartner is forecasting that 30% of growing expenditure on software and cloud services will go unused.  *Gartner

Software data as your source of truth

With the largest, most accurate software recognition database Snow provides ITSM managers with accurate, enriched asset data on deployed software and hardware, complete with information such as end-of-life and end-of-support data. The clean, normalized data retrieved with Snow for ServiceNow makes the CMDB more efficient for delivering IT services and provides an accurate view of real-time license availability and usage for compliance during an audit.

SoftwareONE and Snow are better together…the people, the expertise, the platform and the technology — there is tremendous value to our customers and internally when you bring that all together. That is especially critical today, when technology adoption and employee enablement are changing at such a rapid pace
Darryl Sackett, Global Director of Software Lifecycle Management at SoftwareONE