Snow For ServiceNow Supercharge IT operations with a reliable IT service desk

Boost the ROI of your ServiceNow investment. Unlock valuable insights on your IT landscape by building and maintaining accurate user data within the configuration management database (CMDB). The Snow Software certified integration allows you to elevate your ServiceNow instance by enriching the data and increasing the value of the platform. 

Fuel IT decision-making

Create a powerful IT service management system that can help to optimize spend, track usage and mitigate risk. With Snow and ServiceNow, create more effective and efficient business operations that enable data-driven decisions. 

30 % Gartner is forecasting that 30% of growing expenditure on software and cloud services will go unused.  *Gartner

Connect the dots with Snow

With the largest, most accurate database of software and SaaS application information, Snow provides IT teams with enriched technology asset data. This data includes software lifecycle information such as EOL/EOS, as well as license usage/compliance and availability, which drive automated re-harvesting and provisioning processes. The clean, normalized data retrieved with Snow for ServiceNow makes the CMDB more helpful for efficient delivery of IT services and provides an accurate view of the IT environment. 

Benefits of Snow and ServiceNow