Snow Software and Embotics: Bringing Technology Intelligence to The Cloud

Snow President & CEO Vishal Rao shares his thoughts on the acquisition of Embotics

Today whave some big news to share – Snow has acquired Embotics, the leader in hybrid cloud management. I am excited to welcome the Embotics team to the Snow TribeAnd I am equally excited about the incredible value we can deliver for customers with our integrated approach to technology intelligence. 

Over the past 20 years, Snow has helped thousands of organizations around the world understand the technology they use and how they can better leverage that technology to drive their business. We have continuously innovated to stay ahead of the curve and in front of our customers needs, moving beyond end-user software to data centers and then SaaS. Now it is time for us to take another pivotal step forward with cloud.   

At first glance, this acquisition brings together two recognized leaders in asset and cloud management, enabling us to provide a full range of solutions to our customers and partners. While that is true, Embotics also enables us to solve more complex challenges with our integrated use cases.  

In the age of digital transformation, technology decisions have expanded past the traditional boundaries of IT and are now driven by every employee on demand. This trend extends from old software to new apps, data center to multicloud, and everything in between. CIOs need to understand, empower and govern the consumption of technology without slowing down innovation and execution.    

The reality is that most enterprises currently have – and strategically need – a hybrid approach. While cloud adoption continues at an incredible pace, the majority of workloads still reside on-premises. That means knowing how and when to migrate services is still a pressing need, and some critical systems may never make it to the cloud as they are modernized in place. 

This hybrid world is where Embotics has defined the industry. Born in the virtualization age, they have maintained a unique strength in virtual machine and hypervisor management, making them a clear leader for hybrid and multicloud environments. Combined with Snow’s strengths in software, hardware and SaaS management, we will provide integrated capabilities unrivaled in the market. Cloud migration planning, bring-your-own-license optimization and hybrid cost control are just the beginning of what our combined platform will help customers accomplish.   

Beyond the technology we are bringing together, our future success is driven by the common values that we share as organizations. Technology will continue to evolve, which means technology intelligence will require continuous evolution as well. As individual companies, our teams have each demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer value. These shared traits provide the foundation to immediately begin to process of growing as one platform.  

Today’s technology and business leaders have to be confident in the face of constant change. They must be equally at home with legacy software and serverless computing. They must understand cost and usage in environments that could be consumed by the minute as well as managed in perpetuity. They must be willing to move fast and enable end-users without compromising reliability, security or compliance.  

Together, Snow and Embotics will offer the first platform that delivers CIOs an integrated perspective across their entire technology stack. We are fulfilling our mission to provide insight and manageability for all technology, whether it resides on-premises, in the cloud or across multiple environments. In doing so we want to earn the opportunity to be a strategic platform for our customers and partners, helping them capitalize on the opportunities ahead. And now, the exciting work of delivering our shared vision to customers begins.