Snow for SAP Software Forum: Making the Most of Your SAP License Investment

Join us for this year’s Snow for SAP Software Forum. Learn about the market changes and key challenges facing SAP licensed organizations in 2021.

Following its success last year, we’re pleased to announce this year’s Snow for SAP Software Forum.

Our 2021 live virtual events will give attendees the opportunity to share experiences, interact with SAP industry experts and learn more about controlling SAP licensing spend — an increasingly critical conversation.

Even though it is one of the most expensive lines on the technology balance sheet, SAP spend often isn’t scrutinized as an IT investment because of its critical role in running essential technology. Due to its size, scale and complexity, it can be incredibly difficult to know which licenses you have, where and how they are used and what they are costing the business. Many organizations may miss the opportunity to optimize costs.

A look back at 2020

During last year’s virtual forum, we polled attendees to understand some of their biggest challenges when it comes to SAP licensing and the limitations that stopped them from addressing these challenges.

Biggest SAP Challenge in 2020

Across all regions, 44% of respondents said that a lack of visibility over SAP licensing was their biggest challenge, and this was put in context with the responses to the second question illustrated below.

Biggest SAP limitations in 2020

According to those surveyed, the biggest limitation to addressing SAP license challenges was that license definitions, as well as contract terms and conditions, are difficult to understand. SAP’s tenure in the market and company evolution has impacted contracts and led to a lot of changes and increasingly complex technology and licensing models.

Confusion over Indirect/Digital Access, licensing metrics and licensing model changes have fuelled the underlying issue. Without a clear understanding of entitlements, it is difficult to obtain visibility of actual usage and requirements and optimize SAP licenses.

Visibility is a growing concern

Visibility has become an increasingly hot topic of conversation, and not just in relation to SAP. According to our recent IT Priorities Report, one of the most concerning issues for IT leaders and organizations in 2021 is the impact of technology blind spots. Over the past year as companies have shifted to remote work, technology management has become significantly more challenging. IT leaders are looking for new ways to keep their landscape under control since organizations with blind spots risk soaring IT expenses, unexpected true-up costs, fines, contractual breaches and more.

Save your spot

In this year’s event, we will look at the key challenges facing SAP licensed organizations in 2021. The interactive panel will look at how you can gain visibility of your estate, understand different licensing models, invest in future transformation projects and use Snow Optimizer for SAP to maximize ROI on SAP investments. 

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