Snow Optimizer Is Re-Certified by SAP

Learn more about the investments we made in Snow Optimizer for SAP over the last year that helped make this possible.

We’re excited to share that the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has once again certified that Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software integrates with the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform.

After a year of continued innovation and investment in Snow Optimizer for SAP Software, this news further showcases Snow’s dedication to helping organizations better manage and optimize their investment in SAP solutions.

“Organizations around the globe rely on SAP solutions as a part of their critical infrastructure. Gaining and maintaining visibility across complex technology systems like SAP is both essential and increasingly challenging.” – Sanjay Castelino, Chief Product Officer at Snow.

In 2020, some of our major milestones included the introduction of the SuperMaster feature, 360° evaluation of SAP solutions with SoftwareONE and re-certification from the ITAM Review. But in order to understand why it’s so important for us to be SAP certified, it’s crucial to have a little more background on Snow’s product.

Snow Optimizer is an SAP add-on, and a native SAP asset management solution. Meaning it runs on the SAP application platform, installed on one SAP system and connected to the relevant satellite systems via RFC, and delivers actionable insights into the SAP ecosystem without having to take data outside the secure SAP environment in order to do so.


SAP Certification


“With Snow’s SAP-certified solution, organizations gain the intelligence required to ensure their SAP environment is optimized and driving value for their business. This is the heart of our vision to provide true technology intelligence,” said Sanjay. 

What does certification entail?

Imagine an installed add-on changing data in the DB tables where salaries of all employees are stored or overwriting existing SAP programs with a malicious version. To avoid issues like this, a certified program must live in its own so-called ‘namespace’ in SAP, thereby clearly separating all code and data from SAP’s own and from those of other SAP add-ons.

The program code is then checked for “good” behavior and compliance with the rules established by SAP to avoid potential conflict with already running applications. Using highly specialized scanning tools, the code is examined for less obvious problems (like with security or performance). We’re happy to share that Snow Optimizer has passed all these tests with flying colors.

“Since SOS is an add-on to SAP and is running alongside other potential business-critical applications in the same environment, customers need to be sure that the add-on doesn’t negatively affect the operation of these applications,” Sanjay explains. “That’s what the certification process by SAP checks”.

Why Snow Optimizer?

The reasons why customers prefer an SAP add-on over any externally installed software are manifold. With Snow Optimizer, there are several compelling reasons:

All in all, for an SAP customer, an add-on is far superior to any SAP-external software in terms of TCO, maintainability and supportability.

Snow Optimizer provides more detail than the SAP embedded tools. It can analyze user behavior and authorization roles, recommend correct user license type classification, measure engines, analyze indirect/digital access and more. Rules can be defined and automated, greatly reducing the cost and effort required to optimize and continually manage SAP licensing.

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Talk to us about how we can help you identify your license requirements and current usage. Snow Optimizer for SAP Software provides comprehensive visibility into SAP usage and spend over your SAP estate, enabling you to manage risks, govern processes effectively, right-size your technology investments, reduce unbudgeted costs and be empowered for negotiations with SAP.