Get Help Fast with Snow Online Customer Portals

VP of Global Customer Support and Services, David Carey, explains how to use Snow's customer portals to find what you need quickly.

In the era of self-service apps, it’s clear that customers also want to help themselves. Users want to be able to research technical queries or learn best practices when it’s convenient for them. As a user, you need to know that guidance is there, and answers to your questions are easily accessible without having to wait on hold or wait for a response.

In this blog, we’ll walk through key features of Snow’s online self-help experience so you can quickly access technical guidance – whenever you need it.

Introducing Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Snow Globe is our customer community where you can get help from your peers and Snow employees. It houses our knowledge base, forums, community groups, and support portal. You can ask questions, browse answers, share tips and connect with other Snow users.

How do I get started?

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Do you need answers now? To quickly find advice, a workaround or a fix, searching the combined Snow Globe and Knowledge Base database is the fastest way to find the answers you’re looking for. Make sure to register and log in before you search to have full access to content. The search bar, located in the top right of every page, suggests potential answers as you type. When you submit your search terms, use the filters on the left to amend your query further.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a self-help portal containing hundreds of articles and best practice guides that go deeper into the various products, solutions and technologies Snow offers. You can search the repository using keywords and filters to ensure you find the information you need quickly and easily.

The Knowledge Base is available 24/7 and regularly updated, so you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date configuration documents, best practice advice, workarounds and fixes for known problems and issues. Join our Knowledge Base updates group to receive notifications when new content is published.

Snow Globe forums and groups

Snow Globe forums & groups

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, posting a question to a Snow Globe topic is also a very efficient way to get a response. Many Snow customers, partners and staff are regularly online and active within the community throughout the day, meaning you have immediate access to expert knowledge.

One of the great benefits of our community is that it is driven by users, not just Snow employees. There is a tremendous amount of inspired brainstorming and troubleshooting happening every day. Asking questions in Snow Globe means that you could uncover an unusual use case we haven’t heard of yet. Or, you might inspire a new solution or best practice. This type of creative problem-solving is a great way for you to share your expertise with the community.

Organized around six key categories, these topics provide structure for questions on products and best practices: Software & License Management, Cloud Management, Security & Data Privacy, Data Services & Inventory, ITSM & Automation and Hardware & Device Management.

Support Portal

Support Portal

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in Snow Globe or the Knowledge Base, the support team is always available to help. Using our Support Portal gives you the fastest routing to global specialists that can help resolve your problem. When you raise a support case, we recommend that you provide as much pertinent information as possible. You can clarify your issue, see suggested solutions and help accelerate a resolution by including a detailed description, screenshots, potential error codes and log files.

Once you have submitted your case, if your need is urgent, you can also reach one of our agents via the helpline numbers available on Snow Globe.

Proactive groups and notifications

You also have options to receive automated push notifications on Snow Globe. Through Community Groups you can subscribe to groups like Product Releases and News & Updates and follow relevant threads and users. You can also bookmark your favorite community content to find it again quickly in the future.

Want to learn more about Snow online support? Take a look at our “Getting Started with Snow” and “Community Guidelines” articles. We hope that you’ll take full advantage of our online customer support to explore Snow and find the answers to questions you may have. Of course, we also offer several ways for customers to resolve technical issues, including remote control sessions and phone support in multiple languages.

If you have additional suggestions on how we can improve, address any questions or connect quickly with Snow, don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally at