Maximize Your Cloud Savings with Commander 8.3

Introducing Bring You Own License (BYOL) optimization, an industry-first for cloud management platforms. Learn more in our latest Snow Commander release.


With the latest release of Snow Commander, we are thrilled to announce Bring You Own License (BYOL) optimization, an industry-first for cloud management platforms. Featured in our recent product announcement, Snow Commander 8.3 empowers you to maximize cloud license savings with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Amazon Web Services (AWS) BYOL. These new features are also the first time Snow has brought together cloud management and software asset management capabilities to support complete technology intelligence.

Optimizing cloud spend has never been more critical. Microsoft’s last quarterly earnings report showed 47% year-over-year growth for Azure. It’s impressive to see any company, let alone one as large as Microsoft, grow a 10-year-old multi-billion-dollar product line this fast. That means IT organizations are increasing their cloud spend at a time when budgets are coming under increased scrutiny.

Programs like Azure Hybrid Benefit, which promise up to 40% savings, provide novel ways to reduce your cloud spend. With Commander’s new BYOL functionality, you can fully leverage these opportunities to realize the full value of your current licenses.

The first step in taking advantage of BYOL is knowing what licenses you have. Our cloud management platform gives you complete visibility of Windows Server and SQL Server licensing so you can see which licenses are unused and could be applied to your AWS or Azure environments to reap massive savings.

But even with visibility of all your licenses, asset managers trying to take advantage of BYOL struggle with the following challenges:

Maximize Azure Hybrid Benefit

Implementing a cloud BYOL initiative may be difficult, but there are significant cost savings that could be derived from it. For example, Microsoft is incentivizing Azure adoption to the tune of up to 40% savings if you migrate on-prem workloads (and Window Server/SQL Server licenses). Further, they claim that Azure is five times cheaper than AWS for Windows Server and SQL Server if you take advantage of hybrid benefit, reservation pricing and extended security updates.

But how do you take advantage of these programs?

With the introduction of Snow Commander’s BYOL Optimization Reports, you can safely maximize your Azure cloud savings by:

Azure Software Licensing Report

Minimize AWS BYOL risk

BYOL is not limited to Azure. It is also possible to leverage these licenses in AWS so that you are not double paying for Windows Server licenses. Microsoft made a bold move at the end of 2019 to prevent BYOL of newly purchases licenses to the cloud. Many organizations are concerned about complying with

Microsoft when bringing licenses to their AWS environments. No organization wants to get caught violating these policies.

However, if you own millions in perpetual Microsoft licenses that you acquired before this mandate, then you could be saving big in your AWS environment.

With this initial release of BYOL optimization, we are making it easier than ever to detect non-compliance with Windows Server deployments in AWS. The AWS BYOL report will notify you of all cases where the tenancy is not set properly (i.e., the user did not specify a dedicated server), which could lead to a costly violation of Microsoft policies.

This is just the beginning

For many large organizations, cloud migration is a journey and there could be a decade’s worth of savings if BYOL is used effectively. No matter where you stand, our goal is to help you maximize your technology investments and find the optimal balance between licensing spend and usage. Start your free trial of Snow Commander today to increase savings and minimize risk.

To understand the full benefits of a cloud management platform, use our Hybrid Cloud Management Cost Saving Calculator to see how much you can save both in the cloud and on-prem.