Introducing the New Snow Partner Program

The macroeconomic environment of the current global markets is quite unpredictable and turbulent. Organizations are evaluating their technology investments with an eye towards finding even the most granular level of savings and operational efficiencies. However, operating environments are more complex than ever and trying to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ is challenging, carrying additional operational risk if you get it wrong.

With this in mind, Snow Software has re-envisioned its partner program to better enable our ecosystem to help customers address opportunities to optimize IT spend, mitigate risk and deliver tangible value.

Let’s look further into navigating another disruptive period and how our new program for partners can lend a helping hand.

Déjà vu? Might be too soon to say

In the last few years, we’ve seen quite a lot of changes in the market – largely driven by early response to the pandemic. Many organizations were quick to pull together plans to shift to remote work. During this time, there was huge investment in digital transformation initiatives – with Microsoft’s CEO famously stating that there had been two years-worth of progress in this area in only two months. Fast forward to today, and we see less of an appetite to invest in IT than there was two years ago, if the business case is not bulletproof or mission-critical. According to Gartner, IT spending will continue to increase throughout the year but is only estimated to increase by two percent.

The market uncertainty of today is still driving organizations to identify and urgently implement efficiencies, despite the continued investment in IT spending. Sorting out the savings possibilities after several years of surging IT investments requires significant effort though.

Enter the channel

Partners play a significant role in supporting and guiding organizations through complex and challenging issues. At Snow, we see partners as an extension of our team. They’re a part of a collective effort to address some of our customers most unwieldy problems, especially around efforts to gain visibility and appropriately manage technology spend.

And no one understands the need to drive efficiency and productivity, while keeping your TCO at bay more than I do. I recently joined Snow to lead our Global Partner Ecosystems Team. As an Ex-Finance Director, I led organizations from within to help them overcome challenging market conditions and understand that every investment a customer makes should focus on the value. And this is where having a strong partner ecosystem and joint solutions that enable our mutual customers drive tangible business outcomes becomes crucial. Together with our partners we can ensure that our customers understand their technology landscape, have full visibility on their spend and usage, and are able to make smart, data-driven decisions on their future investments.

The New Snow Partner Program

Between the uncertain market and the urgency around our customers’ need to optimize their IT costs, we are undergoing some radical changes in how we work with our partners. In fact, today we are announcing a new partner program.

Snow is a partner-centric organization that is focused on putting our customers first. Partners help us reach new customers, deliver more effective outcomes and accomplish our collective goals. Our new program has been carefully developed with direct feedback from our community as well as with a view towards creating a framework that will foster long-lasting partnerships driven by value.

The new program supports various business models offered by partners, provides new resources and trainings, fosters the development of value-added services and helps drive excellent customer outcomes with Snow technology. Additional benefits include:

By joining this program, partners will have a unique opportunity to develop a strong, future-proof service offering that will allow them to stand out and compete.

We are incredibly excited about this merit-based, digital and modern framework, which we believe will set a new standard on partnering and provide our community more transparency into their relationship with Snow. And most importantly, help our customers tackle their IT challenges with urgency and a focus on ROI.

Learn more about the new Snow Partner Program.