CIO Perspective Series: The Many Benefits of Technology Visibility

Discover how technology visibility helps to protect your organization from security risks, reduce costs and boost efficiency across every team.

Knowing where your technology assets are, how people use them, who uses them, and how much that usage costs is the key to managing your IT estate effectively. Visibility into your technology investments helps you decrease risk, ease manageability challenges and drive informed decision-making. With so much change (and growth) across today’s hybrid workforce, however, gaining that degree of visibility is more challenging than ever. 

In the latest episode of our CIO perspective series, Snow Software CIO, Alastair (Al) Pooley and I discussed the reasons why technology visibility and understanding of all your technology assets — or as we at Snow Software like to call it, Technology Intelligence — is so critical but achievable. 

Reason #1: Security

Security is and will remain a top priority for organizations. Without eliminating technology blind spots, cybersecurity risk escalates exponentially. The opportunities for a data breach and noncompliance are much higher when you aren’t fully aware of the technology on which your organization relies. How can you secure something you can’t see? 

Take SaaS as one example. The availability of SaaS applications has exploded in recent years, and employees are quick to try them under the premise those apps will help them get their jobs done faster and more effectively. To further spur adoption, the apps are often free for a time, easy to download and easy to start using. It’s easy to see why SaaS sprawl is such a challenge. 

While simple SaaS implementation is a good thing, employees are often unaware of the associated risks, as in these scenarios:

Reasons #2 and #3: Reduce costs and boost efficiency

In addition to incurring security risks, you could also waste money and time without adequate knowledge of what’s in your IT estate. Visibility across all your technology assets, as well as the data obtained from that comprehensive view, enables you to optimize costs, eliminate unused resources and improve IT processes such as provisioning. 

Here are some ways in which technology visibility can benefit your whole organization:

The connection between visibility and great ITAM

The comprehensive visibility obtained via Technology Intelligence is a core benefit of strong IT asset management (ITAM), the set of business practices that enables organizations to better manage all of their assets, from software and SaaS, to hardware and cloud. Investing in ITAM enables critical business priorities including digital transformation, cost optimization, cybersecurity and operational efficiency. 

Sometimes persuading your organization to invest in an exceptional ITAM program is challenging. Too often, it’s viewed just as an expense rather than as the backbone of an agile and efficient IT strategy for the organization. 

If this is the place you find yourself in, we’ve got a guide to help you navigate the business case for ITAM. In Building the Business Case for ITAM, there are three steps for IT leaders that help you deliver a persuasive pitch, whether you are trying to launch an all-new program or you’re in need of investment in existing capabilities.