CIO Perspective Series: Gaining Technology Intelligence with Snow Atlas

Organizations that gain Technology Intelligence with Snow Atlas see their entire IT landscape and effectively manage costs, reduce risk and achieve agility.

Cloud and SaaS adoption initiatives are working to keep up with accelerating complexity in IT. Without proper management and visibility of all your assets, though, introducing new technology can sabotage budgets and introduce unknown risks. What’s the secret to managing this growing complexity? As Snow CIO Alastair (Al) Pooley puts it in our latest CIO Perspective series installment, the secret is Technology Intelligence with Snow Atlas.

Visibility and insights for intelligent decision-making 

The next-generation Snow Atlas platform delivers complete visibility of your IT landscape from on-premises to cloud, SaaS and beyond. With Snow Atlas, you can effectively manage costs, reduce risk and achieve agility. It also makes it easier to see all your SaaS applications and the complexities that often come with them. As Al describes, customers install Snow Atlas agents to see all applications in use, how people use them, what hardware there is and what software users are deploying. With Snow Atlas, you gain the most accurate inventory of technology assets. 

Snow Atlas then applies a layer of intelligence to that data, normalizes it and delivers a complete picture of what’s going on. It gathers data from your entire inventory, makes sense of it and provides the insights IT needs to mitigate business risks and speed up better decision-making. Because IT has plenty on their plate already, Snow Atlas does all of this in one, intuitive dashboard. 

What’s different about Snow Atlas

Before Al joined Snow Software, he was a Snow customer. He found reliance on Technology Intelligence from Snow very beneficial. It provided more insight than he and his team could otherwise piece together on their own. They quickly saw what people were using (not just what they paid for), spotted risks and solved compliance issues. 

Now at Snow, Al considers Snow Atlas very straightforward to set up and use. As he says in the video, the platform provides IT with visibility, manageability and crucial insights. He stresses how badly they’re needed for better decision-making and a faster time to value. 

Gaining Technology Intelligence with Snow Atlas, today and tomorrow

As you’ll see on our website, Snow Atlas fits today’s needs with features such as support for common SSO technologies. It also successfully positions organizations for the future in multiple ways. For example, the platform’s advanced features include automated monitoring/alert capabilities, creating and configuring inventory agents and intuitive self-service user management. Our cloud-native also ensures that you’ll always be on the latest release without intensive upgrades. Along with these features, the Technology Intelligence obtained through Snow Atlas will allow you to better understand your IT estate, stay aligned with your business goals and progress on your plans for continued innovation. 

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