Announcing the 2022 Snow Software Technology Intelligence Award Winners

Snow Software is honored to announce the winners of the second annual Technology Intelligence Awards. This year, Snow is recognizing exceptional business impact across eight customer award categories.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of our second annual Technology Intelligence Awards! We received a record number of submissions from customers of all sizes and industries around the globe who are using our solutions to solve a variety of business challenges and create new opportunities. 

What is Technology Intelligence?

Technology Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage all your technology. Only by having a complete picture of all the technology investments across your organization can you ensure that your technology is delivering value. This intelligence is fundamental to making more data-driven decisions about your technology, allowing business and IT leaders to use these insights across strategic initiatives, whether driving growth, fostering innovation or fortifying resilience. Technology Intelligence helps organizations move from silos to collaboration, addressing complexity and creating simplicity. 

Our 2022 Submissions

We invited customers to share their stories about their SAM/ITAM, SaaS, SAP® and cloud management programs, describe the tangible impacts of these programs and explain how they were achieving success by using Snow products. Thanks to newfound visibility into their IT environments, our participating customers realized impressive results that included seven-figure cost savings, risk reduction, significant cost avoidance during software audits, efficiency gains in terms of time and productivity that enabled them to provide more value-added service, and improved collaboration with stakeholders across the business. 

Determining and celebrating the winners

The Snow global Technology Intelligence Awards program recognizes our customers’ innovative and impactful IT initiatives and programs that are helping to transform their organizations. We selected the award winners based on the quality of submission and tangible detail provided, demonstrable metrics against the award categories, and the business outcomes achieved. 

We had such great entries this year that we added three additional Judges’ Choice award categories to recognize customers’ achievements. These awards are for the Transformation of the Year, Innovation of the Year and Trailblazer of the Year. We also awarded honorable mentions for all categories.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

2022 Technology Intelligence Awards Results

Impact of the Year 

Organizations that have delivered multifaceted value and elevated their business by utilizing one or more Snow solutions. 

SAM Excellence

Recognizing exceptional achievement in software or SaaS management powered by Snow SAM solutions. 

Cloud Excellence

Recognizing exceptional achievement in cloud management powered by Snow Commander

SAP® Excellence

Recognizing exceptional achievement in SAP® management powered by Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software. 

Technology for Good

Organizations that have leveraged Technology Intelligence to tackle some of the most challenging issues affecting society and the planet.

Judges’ Choice Awards

Trailblazer of the Year

This category recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented Snow Atlas into their strategy and seen rapid time to value.

Innovation of the Year

Organizations that have achieved a new level of Technology Intelligence thanks to an innovative use of the Snow platform and data. 

Transformation of the Year

Organizations that have embraced Technology Intelligence best practices and elevated their transformation programs with comprehensive strategy and execution.

What’s next?

All our winners and honorable mention award recipients will receive: 

We congratulate all our winners of this year’s Technology Intelligence Awards. Many congratulations on the outstanding achievements and successes you have all shared!

Learn more about our customers 

The best way to really understand how our products deliver results is to hear directly from our customers. At Snow, we are always delighted to hear about the incredible things our customers accomplish along with the value that our solutions deliver in helping drive real business impact and in solving real-world challenges. We hope to see an equally amazing turnout next year!

In the coming months, you can expect to learn more about these customer stories on our blogs and as case studies. And if you’d like us to feature your story in a future post, please contact

Learn more in the full press release and stay tuned to our Technology Intelligence Awards page for updates on the 2023 Awards.

Paula Darvell is the Chief Marketing Officer at Snow, where she is responsible for overseeing worldwide marketing efforts, with an emphasis on customer-centric growth. She is an enterprise technology veteran with more than 30 years of marketing experience.