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This course is designed to help Snow System Administrators enhance their understanding of the Snow Management and Configuration Console (SnowMACC) tool and its various menus and settings. By completing this course, administrators will gain valuable knowledge on how their actions in SnowMACC affect the visibility and capabilities of Snow License Manager users, as well as how to configure core system settings for the entire platform and is designed to be an extension of the help guide. 

The duration of the course is 4 hour 15 minute and is not a course to watch from start to end. Each video is a self-contained guide for a specific setting or feature in SnowMACC and is best used when you encounter a question regarding a setting’s purpose or impact.

The course is divided into several chapters, each chapter represents a menu item in SnowMACC. To find the video for a specific setting, navigate to the chapter named after the main menu in SnowMACC, and use the search bar to search for the setting or feature name. The chapter containing the Basic settings also has an interactive table of contents helping you locate the information you need.

Who Should Attend?

This is a course for Administrators of the Snow License Manager platform with access to the Snow License Manager server and the SnowMACC application. This course is also a good choice for anyone responsible for one or more of the following tasks:


The course Snow Platform Essentials is recommended but not required.

Delivery Method

SnowMACC Administrator is offered as a 4-hours and 15-minute self-paced e-learning course.

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