Product Learning Paths

With numerous courses available we have defined learning paths based on the products you have within your estate. The learning paths describe which course a participant should enroll in and in what order.

Within each course description you will find guidance as to who is best suited within your organization to attend.  

Snow Atlas

Snow Atlas delivers a comprehensive view of your technology landscape, complete with a unified view of licenses, users, cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, and even usage by business units. Coupled with the platform’s insights into your data, it’s the intelligence you’ll need to optimize spend, reduce risk, improve governance, and accelerate digital transformation.

Snow Adoption Tracker

Adoption Tracker provides complete visibility of technology use within your organization through comprehensive discovery and inventory of your entire technology landscape, including end-user hardware, data center, cloud services and on-premises software.

Snow Spend Auditor

Spend Auditor provides IT leaders complete visibility into their technology spend. By entering cost data and software agreements into Snow Spend Auditor, IT and Finance leaders can view technology expenses across the entire organization.

Snow Spend Optimizer

Spend Optimizer enables organizations to right-size their technology investments by aligning spend with business need across software, cloud services, datacenter, and mobile. Detailed technology use understanding is mined to identify unused accounts, duplicate users, and unnecessary, expensive subscriptions.

Snow Productivity Optimizer

Productivity Optimizer helps organizations save costs by automating manual processes, including software request and approval and user provisioning. Common resource related issues, such as unmanaged access to cloud services, overuse of software licenses, and virtualization sprawl are prevented from occurring in the first place.

Snow Automation Platform

Snow Automation Platform provides the capabilities to automate and integrate a diverse range of business processes. The platform supports organizations to increase the value and effectiveness of their Software Asset Management (SAM) programs, cloud strategies, and IT asset management.

Snow Risk Monitor

Snow Risk Monitor can help you reach security and compliance goals by automatically identifying software vulnerabilities and personally identifiable information exposure. Augment traditional security and data privacy tools by establishing complete visibility of devices, users and software. Plus, ensure your organization adheres to key cybersecurity frameworks and data privacy regulations.

Snow Commander

Snow Commander brings unparalleled simplicity, flexibility, and insight to an organization’s cloud strategy with centralized cloud billing and optimize spend, visibility and governance of cloud consumption, management of hybrid, private and public cloud infrastructure, and efficient deliver resources to stakeholders.

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software provides a consolidated and detailed view of SAP usage, the ability to optimize and manage SAP deployments, manage contracts centrally, minimizes exposure to financial and legal liabilities with automatic license administration, usage tracking, and automatic calculation of costs.