Snow secured major savings for Man

"To use a SAM solution for managing all the software, from desktop applications such as Microsoft and Adobe, to optimize licenses for Oracle and VMware, is extremely valuable for us. It allows us to focus on the right things, saving money while pay for what we use. " 

Mark Duffy Software and Communications catagory Manager, Man Investments


Man Investments, part of Man, is one of the world's leading independent asset managers. 


In a fast-paced industry with a diverse IT infrastructure needed a smart solution for taking control of their licenses while the use of software could be optimized. 

What Snow contributed

With Snow License Manager has been taken control of the licenses of nearly 1,500 software suppliers and optimize its use, from the desktop features to the data center, along with SAM specialists from SoftCAT.

How did it go?

Over a period of 24 months saved over 2.3 million pounds by optimizing their use.