Snow License Manager

Snow License Manager has sold several million licenses and is the world's leading SAM solution



Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Snow License Manager to avoid paying too much for program rights while they want to ensure they comply with license obligations.

Snow License Manager is a hub for Snow's advanced platform SAM (Software Asset Management) - which provides a unified view of all software and hardware assets, license rights and metrics for software use.

Several stakeholders from across the organization can access customized views that make them directly:

  • Create ELP (Effective License positions) for all software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and more
  • Track costs for software licenses
  • Monitor the use of distributed assets
  • Identify opportunities to reduce licensing and support costs

With Snow License Manager, you have 100% guarantee for software recognition

Key benefits:

Unified view of the network with multiple platforms and multiple websites

Snow License Manager provides a clear view of all the assets in the network so that staff only need to use one interface to manage software vendors, device types and locations. Audit Data can be imported from more than one source of inventory to cover all the company's data platforms. Whether it's Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Unix.

Integrated automation

Snow License Manager provides the highest level of automation, from the automatic import of audit data from multiple inventory solutions to the dynamic processing of the organization's ELP, which means that the organization can reduce the cost of labor and professional services.

100% guarantee recognition software

Thanks to the unique Software Recognition Service is the only Snow Software that can offer a 100% guarantee for the recognition of all commercial software found on the network. More than 71,000 software publishers and nearly 429 000 applications found directly from the box.

All key license types are supported

Snow License Manager supports all license types, data collection and reporting requirements, from licenses per computer from Microsoft and Symantec to advanced metrics from IBM PVU, Oracle and SAP.

Role-based user interface more

Snow License Manager is designed to tailor access for SAM stakeholders from different departments, such as IT, purchasing, finance and management. Users can easily generate meaningful management reports without the need for SQL skills.

Delivery models

Snow License Manager is available as an on site- solution (perpetual and subscription licensing models available) or can be delivered by qualified snow-partners as a cloud-based SAM services .




                                                                                                                          Snow collaborates with Red Hat. Read more here.



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