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Discover and optimize your SaaS investments

As organizations increase investments in SaaS, IT and finance leaders are struggling to keep track of what applications are in use, and if they were procured by business units or individuals. The very aspects that make SaaS so appealing—easy to procure and deploy—leads to decentralized, unmanaged SaaS usage, wasted spend and increased security risks. With Snow, you can easily discover, manage and optimize SaaS applications to support your business goals.

SaaS Management

SaaS management made easy.

Discover SaaS applications and usage

and usage

Establish automation and governance

Establish automation
and governance

Optimize your SaaS spend

SaaS spend


of IT leaders increased SaaS spend in 2020. 

Automatically maintain visibility and control

As SaaS adoption accelerates, it is critical to have detailed insight into application usage, regardless of who procured the subscription. For hybrid applications such as Office 365, SaaS visibility must be combined with on-prem usage to get a comprehensive view. Snow Adoption Tracker also enables you to track free and custom SaaS applications that don’t show up in financial systems or credit card statements.

Provide agility while maintaining governance

While finding and addressing waste is a critical component of SaaS management, governance-based processes empower you to keep spend under control in the future. With Snow Productivity Optimizer, you can use self-service access request, automated approval and provisioning, license reharvesting and subscription-level management to effectively mitigate budget and compliance risk. Time-bound provisioning can also be used to maximize the ROI of expensive subscriptions such as Project 365, Visio 365 and PowerBI Pro.

Provide agility while maintaining governance

Effectively plan and budget your SaaS spend

With usage details by application category and lifecycle stage, you can get control of sprawling SaaS costs. Cut down on wasted SaaS spend with Snow Spend Optimizer by identifying unused accounts, duplicate users and unnecessary premium subscriptions. With the right information, you can approach vendor negotiations from a more confident position and only buy or renew the subscriptions you really need.

Avoid wasted SaaS spend

"We could be unaware of software that wasn’t purchased through our IT department. Snow gives us the necessary insight into what is out there. Without Snow that would be hidden from us."

Jeff Walters, Director of IT Support Services, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
Snow customer Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
Rightsizing Your SaaS Costs
Rightsizing Your SaaS Costs

In this 20-minute webinar, Tim Jesser, Director of Product Marketing at Snow, provides tips on how to understand and optimize your SaaS usage.

Embrace SaaS Without Breaking The Bank
Embrace SaaS Without Breaking The Bank

We conducted exclusive research with IDG on SaaS sprawl & uncontrolled spend. See what our findings revealed. 

Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools
Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools

Download a complimentary copy of the guide for a detailed view of the SAM tools market, key use cases and more. 

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