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Maximize your Microsoft investment

The thought of enduring a software license audit is enough to keep even experienced IT leaders up at night. Snow provides complete and accurate visibility into all the technology used in your organization, including cost data, software license entitlements and agreements. With this single source of truth, Snow can determine your effective license position by title and vendor, protecting you from unexpected costs and disruptions.

Maximize your Microsoft investment

Unlock big Microsoft savings and offload manual infrastructure management.

Get true license usage and position

Get true license
usage and position

Optimize Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 

Streamline Microsoft Azure management

Streamline Microsoft
Azure management


of organizations have been audited by at least one software vendor in the past 12 months. 

Build a foundation of Microsoft usage visibility

Most organizations utilize Microsoft throughout the enterprise, from desktop applications, to the datacenter, to SaaS applications, to Azure. Usage can get even more complex when you consider usage and license agreements that straddle environments such as M365 and Azure Hybrid Use Rights. The key to managing this complex world is holistic usage visibility across all environments. From this foundation of visibility, IT leaders can better respond to internal and external audits, identify areas of waste and reduce risk.

Everything’s easier with the right tools

For most organizations, Microsoft 365 has become an essential tool for collaboration and productivity. However, the very ease of use that drives adoption of M365 also drives enterprises to waste up to 30% of their cloud spend in the form of over-provisioning of user accounts, excessive account entitlement and duplication of on-premises licenses. Snow solves these challenges by delivering an integrated view of M365 usage and cost while driving significant savings in subscription, maintenance and administration costs.

Everything’s easier with the right tools

Boost efficiency and eliminate waste

Offload the burden of manual infrastructure management and prevent overspending on Microsoft Azure with Snow Commander. Automate manual infrastructure management tasks to give your IT team more time back in their day and decrease the risk of overspending on unused resources, standardize processes to decrease human error, and deliver technology resources to end users more quickly so your organization can keep up with the speed of digital business.

Only pay for what you use

“When you install Snow, you have a lights on moment and all of a sudden you see everything. For the first time you can actually see what you have on your estate, who's got it, how they're using it, and when they're using it. And it makes a massive difference.”

Paul Logan, Change and Technology Asset Manager, William Hill
William Hill

Technology Intelligence Assessment Tool

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