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Out-of-the-box integrations for your enterprise ecosystem

With over 130 integrations available, see how you can get the most value from Snow by seamlessly tapping into your apps, services and systems.

Snow Integrations

Enterprise Applications

Snow offers software recognition and normalization for over 700,000+ applications so you can easily get the insights you need from top vendors with the largest IT spend including:

IT Service Management

Enhance your ITSM platform’s product and service catalogs by integrating a real-time, clean CMDB.


Use Snow Inventory technology or leverage existing MDM/EMM solutions to gather information on all Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices including hardware/software details, device owner and installed applications.


In addition to an industry leading built-in inventory technology, Snow provides ready-to-go integration with an extensive number of 3rd party inventory solutions:


Snow goes beyond typical inventory solutions by discovering not just the presence of virtual and physical assets, but by understanding the configuration and relationship between these devices. Support is provided for the most popular hypervisor/virtualization technologies:

Public/ Private Cloud Platforms

Snow’s hybrid cloud management platform is designed to be infrastructure neutral, so you can work with your choice of public and private cloud infrastructure providers.

Configuration/ DevOps/ IaC

Tap into deep integrations with these solutions and more, so your IT team can make both hard-coded and a la carte application offerings to their development community.

Networking/ IPAM

Provision workloads with static IP addresses from the IPAM solution and gain control over network configuration for manually deployed workloads.

Application Monitoring

Combining third-party guest OS performance data with VM performance metrics from the hypervisor means you can unlock more accurate rightsizing recommendations for your virtualized infrastructure.


Deploy microservices-based applications faster and easier with auto-scaling, auto-HA and software maintenance management features. 


With Snow Commander, you can leverage existing AD groups to provide multi-tenant RBAC for different departments or organizations and provide a seamless single sign-on (SSO) user experience.


Record special events as “alerts” when something triggers policy enforcement and maintain an audit log for the objects involved, from the managed system level down to the VM level. You can also configure several policies to send out notifications.

Platform as a Service

Snow Commander enables you to provision complete applications and multi-tier services, leveraging its extensive catalog blueprint capabilities and orchestration engine. 

IT Services/ Backup/ DR/ Migrate

Integrate best-in-class solutions in your automated data center deployments.


Snow Commander allows you to use any scripting language you want so you can fully leverage existing automation investments. 

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